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Worlds of Wellness

"Creating Cohesive Communities" by Bridging the Worlds of "Fat-Loss," "Culinary," & "Functional Medicine" NUTRITION + Grocery Education(essential pieces to the Puzzle) to "Reverse DISEASE" by "Building Health" to Heal an entire Nation, 1 committed community at a time! 

Elevated Wellness "Worlds of Wellness"VISION

Hi there, I'm Gabriel Wigington, "Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Food Scientist, Health Educator, & Fat-Loss Expert" and I'm super excited is to SHOW YOU, step by step, how the pieces of your Health Jigsaw Puzzle FIT seamlessly into the fabric of your daily life(crazy calendar, school schedule...).

Let me show you precisely how "Building your Health Back" and restoring your YOUTHFULNESS doesn't have to be quite so HARD when you know what to look for, & have someone by your side who has seen the entire FIELD(Worlds that make UP our Wellness).

You may be wondering what are the Worlds of Wellness?

Over my 15 years of rigorous health science education, in addition to my plethora of experiences serving food to the beautiful people of Dallas(Never a dull moment I tell you), I've been fortunate to have covered more disciplines of human health in higher education, than what is common among the majority of health professions, mapping out my entire journey on my own.

This has enabled me to SEE a PICTURE a bit different than many of my colleagues, classmates, health, fitness, clinical, education, & food professionals.

The main message I'd like for you to see is that it's easy to get lost in a sea of never-ending info online, while missing the Big Rocks(Big Ideas) or as I say it(my "what matters most" methodology) for assessing, interpreting, educating, & advising healthy changes in a few key categories that build our health:

  • Food Behavior
  • Functional Movement
  • Slowing Stress! 

Once I understood the specific focus of each & every industry(World) that makes up health, it was a game changer to FREE ME from the Heaviness of obsessing over every finite detail in RESEARCH & develop a SYSTEM for 2 basic HUMAN activities we all MUST DO, if we want to live a quality life, Eating & Exercise.

Here's a crazy ?

What happens when you have a society where people spend countless hours every day doing their own RESEARCH, keeping them from "fitting in" healthy behaviors because they're just Too BUSY while Never "connecting the dots" of what matters most when it comes to preventing SERIOUS HARM(preventive Medicine) and potentially life threatening conditions?

Could RESEARCH be "getting in the way" of doing things we already know we need to do, allowing ourselves to be convinced we need another STUDY from the World of Science, just to be well?

To sum up, below I've listed the Industries or "Worlds" that make up our wellness.

  • Academia/RESEARCH(tied to Clinical also) 
  • Fitness
  • Clinical
  • Health Coaching
  • Dietetics
  • Culinary/Food Service(Restaurants)
  • Grocery(Food Purchase)
  • Food Product/Supplement Companies
  • Agriculture(Farming)
  • Marketing/Advertising

Guess which World is involved in every other world of wellness? If you guessed EDUCATION, you're right!

Would you like to get back to feeling SUPER Duper like a KID again- like many of my “On Your Way to an A” students!

I love being involved with kids especially when it’s about bridging the worlds of “Academic Learning + Behavioral Health” especially when FOOD is the Foundation of Building a BRILLIANT BRAIN!

I have a ?

What would you give to go back in time, & do SCHOOL all over again, with the benefit of a BRILLIANT BRAIN?

Do you think your grades would've gone UP a Letter Grade?

I simply ask that as a proud parent(Multi-tasking Mom, Dedicated Dad)you give your Child the golden, once in a lifetime opportunity, to maximize their Learning potential In/Out of the Classroom!  

I'd be Honored to help you create a Whole new World when it comes to your wellness!

Join me in my MISSION in "Elevating Wellness" around the Globe by playing your part in the CHANGE that needs to happen in our local communities of North Dallas by “sharing” my following health building resources with Family, friends, & those in your inner circle of TRUST, who have a health concern they’ve yet to receive a solution for!

A Few of the "Health Problems" I Solve:  

  • (Anxiety, Depression
  • GI Disorders
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Chronic Pain 

Building Health Resources: 

  • "Health Blog”
  • “Medicinal Meals”
  • “Culinary Cookbooks”
  • “Worlds of Wellness Podcasts”
  • Building Health “Programs"

Together, we can make a difference & turn the tide in American Health to reverse Chronic Disease by "Building Health Back," from scratch, 1 Puzzle Piece at a Time! Just remember, Chronic DISEASE isn't some random, happenstance event out of nowhere most of the time. It occurs when we "let the wrong things go/grow" in our daily patterns of life.

That's why it's so imperative to have someone whom you can trust in building structure & a foundation for how you do food, exercise, & slow stress that will lasts for the long-haul, not just for a while.

This means hopping from plan to plan, program to program, is a waste of time.

The truth is, as one who's observed just about everything out there from the past 2 Decades in health & fitness, there will always be ANOTHER PROGRAM someone is trying to SELL YOU convincing you it's the MAGIC ONE!

The way I'm different is in how I've taken time to create just a few services/programs that all point us back to the primary principles that build health, time and again.

If you have a "Loved One"(Chronic Condition), a "Struggling Student,"(Learning Disability) or "Adolescent Athlete"(Youth Sport Performance-Sport Nutrition) who’s ready to have their Health Jigsaw Puzzle put back together again, like Humpty Dumpty, pick up the phone & give me a call(I’m old + new school) or “click” the Consultation button on the homepage and we'll get you on your way to feeling young like a kid again in no time! 

I don't know about you, but at a younger age, I would've given anything to Get an "A" + feel great after every MEAL & MOVEMENT I make! 

Have you ever felt like you have to be a detective(Sherlock Holmes) and pick up your life pieces, 1 by 1, scattered all over your living room floor, clueless as to where to begin? 

I hope I’m not the only 1 who’s felt this way.

If you have, let me help you find your way back to square 1 so life gets a bit easier by having a “simple, doable system” for eating, moving well, & SLOWING down STRESS so that you don’t just get well once, but you REMAIN there for the rest of your life avoiding the harm that so many are falling into.

I decided to make my VISION for Elevated Wellness about getting back to the Small Neighborhood feel MISSING in our world.

Let's Create "Cohesive Communities" starting right where we are in our own local neighborhoods, shall we?

All things are possible to those who believe: Unity=Community

Do you Believe it’s possible to one day see a more Cohesive WORLD?

Elevated Wellness

Everything goes up from here simply means....

I strongly believe that every person possesses the capacity to experience life-changing transformation for the better and live a life filled with quality relationship, moments which matter most, & Love with a depth that "conquers all," when we assess & address each of these areas which make us human.

I'm a big believer in the "power of habitual change" and that life success is about doing simple habits with consistency, laser precision, and a "will to win" that will never, ever quit combined with being in service to meet the needs of others.

Change that "sticks" often happens slowly...

  1. So don't beat yourself up
  2. Do yourself a huge favor and don't compare your own journey to others

Why? ....

Because you're uniquely shaped by the life experiences

You've encountered in life up to this point along with the spiritual gifts, heart, unique abilities, and personality which make you who you are.

As you get to know me better, it will become a bit more clear.

How I'm uniquely different from many of my health and wellness peers.

One thing that makes me unique right away is...

How I address "complex health concerns"

Like a detective each day, with my detailed coaching programs, you'll soon learn...

Which step courageously outside the wellness box with a slight turn, while challenging the way that we think, be, & do, about food, fitness, and stress management, too!

There's so much more than food & fitness as I like to say...

My desire is to build authentic, long-lasting relationships with those who come my way...

Who are sick and tired of living less than their best...

By teaching a simple, doable system that makes it a bit easier to live full of youthful zest!

A wise speaker I heard once said, "Change happens at the speed of seed!"

So "go love" somebody and make their day and you might be surprised at what good comes your way.

I'm SUPER EXCITED is to show you a system approach(Eating, Moving Well, Slowing STRESS) for how "we the people" can all "live well" together, doing our part to create a whole New WORLD(healthy, more enjoyable, peaceful place to live!)

I SHOW my "Brilliant BRAINS" Students & their FAMILIES how incredible health, body, & LIFE CHANGE is Possible simply by "cutting out" + "adding in" simple, doable behaviors(daily practices) in a few key categories, 1 habit at a time, that "BUILD HEALTH BACK" time & again, which FIT seamlessly into the fabric of our daily lives!

How does that sound?

Please allow me to teach you a "simple, doable system" for "Eating, Moving Well, and SLOWING STRESS" so that you may "REMAIN" Healthy, Strong, & Lean for Life with EASE and therefore, live with greater youthfulness, passion, and an COURAGEOUS BELIEF that all things, work together, for your good, no matter what!


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I serve the following local areas with my Building Health services: If you're in an area outside of these cities, please don't hesitate to pick up the Telephone or email(Gabe@ElevatedWellness.biz) if you'd like me to come to your hometown.

I'm "Never Too Busy" to take a moment to help another Build their Health Back & ESCAPE the WORLD of PAIN, they feel TRAPPED in.

  • Frisco
  • Prosper
  • Celina
  • McKinney
  • Allen
  • Colony

in addition to surrounding local areas which make up "North Dallas" here in my home state of Texas in addition to providing my 1-on-1 "Virtual Coaching," "Courses," & "Podcasts" to support my Mission in being part of the "change" which needs to happen in our world, Elevating Wellness, around the Globe, starting right where we are, our Local Communities, getting back to small Neighborhood feel, treating others the way we would like to be treated while looking out for each other's wellness!

Remember the good ol' days when life was lived at a much slower, while still "purposeful pace?"

Imagine if we were to get back to that!

Join me in my Vision to create "Cohesive Communities" which is such a great need in our modern day, 1 committed community at a time.

Together, Let’s make "Food & Fitness" Fun again, shall we!

Disclaimer: I am a Certified Personal Trainer (C.P.T.) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition (P.N.) Certified Coach, Expertise in change psychology, Mind-Body, and Masters in "Clinical Functional Medicine Nutrition" but am not a Licensed Physician or Medical Provider.

Any information I offer on my website or blog at Elevated Wellness.biz should not be misconstrued as Medical advice.

I do not diagnose, prescribe, or give medical treatment.  I do assess, address, & advise behavioral, lifestyle, & "health building" change.