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Purposeful Poetry

Ready to “SLOW STRESS” and Be Your Absolute God-given Best?

I carefully craft my from scratch”Purposeful Poetic Rhymes” 1 at a time for the purpose of playing my part in Advising Adolescents & “Struggling Students” in a smart way to Cope with life Stress.  

Depression, Anxiety, & Neurological(Brain) Disorders are at an All-Time high Worldwide!

Guess what they all share in common beneath the surface layer when you break-down the Disease Diagnoses

STRESS. So I believe wholeheartedly more than ever before we are in need of some “Smart Strategies” to “Slow Stress” a bit!

My cutting edge, “Innovative Ideas” that integrate the often forgotten industry, “Creative Arts,”(3rd phase in “Worlds of Wellness” Cohesive Communities VISION, as a key cog in the whirling wheel of “Social, Psychological, & Emotional Stress” where “Aesthetic Art,” “Creative Comics,” “Curious Cartoons,” “Delightful Drawings,” “Delicate Dance,” & “Motivating & Mind-Calming Music,” “Pleasurable Paintings,” & “Purposeful Poetry,”(hip-hop rhymes), & “Timeless Theatre” invite Imagination that lights the spark of “Youthfulness, Creativity, & Innovation” in alignment with the specific SHAPE(unique Gifts, Talents, & Abilities) of our future Industry Leaders!

Young Creatives are Shaping our future WORLD by stepping out of the comfortable place where “fitting in” with the crowd leaves them unfulfilled and by exercising and strengthening “Boldness” & “Courage” to continuously pursue “Skill Development” in an “Emotionally Enjoyable Activity,” these young talents bloom, blossom, & flourish into “Courageous Creatives, Industry Shapers, and World Changers” to leave their “subtle spark” that brings “Light” to a Dark World.

If we think the likes of “Charles Schultz, Dr. Seuss, Thomas Edison, & Walt Disney” sparked Calculated Creativity, Imaginative Innovation, & Vivacious Visions,” that influenced a Nation, the “Sky is the Limit” or shall I say, “Limitless” if you Wish Upon a Star and Dare to Dream a New DREAM. 

I’m constantly connecting & collaborating with Industry Shapers on Projects that Paint a Vivid Visual on “American Health” using “Creative Arts” to “Slow STRESS,” so if you come across a Bright Talented Creative who’s looking for a way to Showcase what makes them extra Special, please don’t hesitate to reach me(Gabe@ElevatedWellness.biz) with their best contact info so we can “connect” & CREATE something special for our Communities on a Global Scale!

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As always, feel free to share your #1 source of Stress(Anxiety, Depression, Fear) that you could use some Inspiration to overcome, I will write a “from scratch” Purposeful Rhyme to match your “Occupational Obligation, Chaotic Circumstance, or Stressful Situation” to help melt away your Stress leading to more Pleasant Peaceful Rest.

Purposeful Poetry “Rhyme of the Month”

“1st 13” “Purposeful Poetic Rhymes”

Gabe's "1st 13" "Purposeful Poetry" PDF(13 "from scratch" Rhymes!)


Gabriel J. Wigington

“Functional Medicine Health Coach/Nutritionist, Health Educator/writer, & Poet”

Email: Gabe@ElevatedWellness.biz