Coach Gabe’s “Completely Customized”

 “Behavior Change Coaching” 

“Building Your Health Back, From Scratch,”

1 “Puzzle Piece” at a time


“Functional Strength” Exercise Coaching: 

 Distance “Exercise Coaching w/Videos(Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Video Chat) –“Included in 3-in-1 Health Coaching” Program(See Bottom of Page)! Access Granted to my “Functional Strength Exercise You-Tube Page upon sign-up:

        “Functional Fitness” Assessment:

  •  Composition Assessment(Bi-Weekly)
  •  Movement Assessment (Monthly)
  •  Visual Assessment Photos (Monthly)
  •  Performance Assessment (Monthly)
  •  Recovery Assessment(Bi-Weekly)
  •  Blood Chemistry Assessment (See Doctor)
  •  Movement(Postural), Body Composition(Bi-Weekly), Performance, Recovery(Bi-Weekly), & Visual  Assessments(Monthly) :60 Minutes: $99 VALUE!)


          Phase 1: Stabilization Endurance(4 weeks)

         Phase 2: Strength Endurance (4 weeks)

        Family Bundle: (Group Exercise Session)

  • Completely Customized “Functional Strength” Exercise Program Design(N.A.S.M. OPT Template) via Email
  • 1-on-1 Exercise Coaching In-Person(10 Mile Radius) or Distance Coaching
  • Consists of detailed, thorough previous exercise history, prior & current nervous, muscular, and skeletal  system concerns, joint instability, postural imbalances and chronic conditions
  • Fitness, Health, & Body Composition Goals
  • “Why” Behind Fitness Goals
  • (G.L.F.) Greatest Limiting Factor Assessment
  • Personal Testimonial Transformation Story Development
  • Open Q & A.
  • Personalized “Email/Facebook Messenger” response to all Fitness?’s, Guaranteed Feedback in 24 hours!
  •  Elevated Wellness Facebook Group Support
  • “Get Fit with Gabe” by receiving solutions to address your greatest body challenges via “Functional Corrective  Exercise.”
  • Customized “Exercise Program Design” based on “Inner Health” Status gathered from detailed “Health History Assessment” to address your specific muscular-skeletal-joint Limitations
  • Greatest Muscle-Joint Weakness areas
  • “Functional” Exercise Videos(TRX, Kettlebells, Slam-ball/Med-ball, Gymnastic Rings, Pull-ups, Body-weight, Yoga, Sport Specific)
  • Injury Prevention Advanced Tips
  • Lifestyle Postural Correction Tips

     “Nutrition Coaching

“Nutrition Coaching” Package includes:

  60 Minutes: ($125 VALUE!) Includes:

  • Assess & Address “Food Sensitivities!”
  • Open Q & A
  • Greatest Limiting Factor Assessment (G.L.F.)
  • Nutritional “Daily Practice”
  • Nutrition Education(based on specific health needs, primary “red flags” identified from assessment forms analysis
  • Elevated Wellness Food Behavior “Health History” Assessment Form
  • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)
  • 3 Day Dietary Record Questionnaire
  • Kitchen Makeover Questionnaire
  • Readiness for Change Questionnaire
  • Social Support Questionnaire
  • 7 Day Detailed “Medicinal Meal” Menu(12 Month Program Only) (Jump start) in line with your specific Inner Health needs, Nutrient Deficiencies, Chronic Conditions/Disease Diagnoses, Weekly Food Budget, Food Sensitivities/Allergies, Food Culture, primary staple foods, Favorite Foods, & Functional Foods:
  • (“Food Planning” Stage (Phase 1 of FP3) “Food Coaching System!”

“Bi-Weekly Checkups”: 2 per month; 30 minutes each: ($75 VALUE!)

  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Recovery Assessment
  • Meal Adherence Chart
  • New Daily Practice

“Medicinal Meals” (6 types): 5 of each type: All of my signature “Medicinal Meals” are created “from scratch” and are “Time-Efficient, Cost-Effective, while still “Emotionally Enjoyable” Igniting Your Capacity to Self-Heal!

  • 5-Minute, 1 Pan “Medicinal Meals”
  • “Protein Powered Snacks”
  • “Super-Shakes”
  • “Fat-Melting Decadent Desserts!”
  • “Breakfast Bowls”
  • “Bulk Lunches”

Coming Soon: “Month of (30) Medicinal Meals!(Ask me about this)”

          Below is a list of the types of “Health Enhancing Benefits” my clients typically experience as a result of my coaching programs:

  • Sharper memory, cognition, boost in mood, laser focus, & Emotional Intelligence
  • Less Stress(Slow Stress)
  • Improved Stress Coping Skills
  • Restorative Sleep
  • Healthy hormonal balance
  • Stronger, Healthier, less Painful Joints
  •  Enhanced beauty, youthful skin
  • Reduced Body Fat mass(Improved Muscle: Fat mass ratio)
  • More Balanced, Aligned body
  • Healthy Metabolism
  • Enjoyable relationship with Food(Emotional Eating)
  • Healthier Gut(Stool Analysis/Digestion/Absorption)
  • Improved Cholesterol/Lipid Profile(H.D.L.: L.D.L:Total)
  • Stable Blood Pressure(systolic: diastolic)
  • Increase in Total Body “Functional Strength”
  • Healthier Heart(Cardiovascular strength/endurance)
  • Better Sexual function, libido
  • Improved Testosterone/Estrogen/Cortisol Balance
  • Stable Blood Glucose
  • Clean, Healthy Liver
  • Calm, clear, peaceful state of mind
  • Greater Loving personal/professional relationships
  • Greater Gratitude, confidence, & Joy
  • Cohesion, Unity at Home        


        “Elevated Events”

          Coach Gabe’s “Get Well Grocery Guide” (Included FREE with 12 Month Program) “Nutrition/Health Coaching Programs”

  • 1-on-1 Grocery Guide where I “guide” through a local Grocer of your choice and “show” you how to Navigate the aisles in strategic “Food Purchases” based on your “unique” Inner Health Status(things doctors look at), Body Composition Goals, and Nutritional Needs at the time!

            I will also “show” you my weekly food system for how I “Plan, Purchase, & Prepare” my own “Medicinal Meals” in my “Healing Kitchen” each week in addition to helping you develop your personal system for how you map out your weekly meals that support optimal brain-body function, body composition, & quality of life you say you desire!  $200 Value!             

            There is a specific “order” for my “Nutrition” & “Health Coaching” programs that leads to “optimal results” with my self-created food coaching system I call “FP3” Food Planning, Food Purchase, and Food Prep where I personally “walk with you” step by step “showing” you exactly how to “Decipher Ingredient Labels,” “Strategize a System” for “Time-Efficient” Weekly Food Prep, & “Cut Cost” while making your “Meals Medicinal” as I specialize in turning “Whole Foods” into “Medicinal Meals!”

             “Kitchen Clean-up” involves me personally assessing your “Pantry, Fridge, & Freezer” in your kitchen and coaching you in what to “Cut Out” and smart substitutions and “Simple Swaps” to “Add In” to enhance your brain/body function and take your health to a whole new level!

~98% of Health Professionals lack this uncanny, Essential Skill-set in “Grocery Education”(Food Purchase Client Customization). This is where Your Brain-Body Begin its “Inner Healing” Process!

             Here is the “order” for my coaching to give you a visual:

              1. “Nutritional/Health History Assessment”(Food Planning-60 min)

              2. “Get Well Grocery Guide”(Food Purchase-60 min)

              3. “Kitchen Clean-up”(Food Prep-60 min)

              We will meet for “1 hour” for the above 3 Appointments followed by regular “Bi-Weekly Check-ups”(30 min) for the remainder of  your “Nutrition” and “Health Coaching” program to ensure you REMAIN on track to accomplish your specific “Inner Health,” “Body Composition,” and “Quality of Life” outcomes that you say “Matter Most” to you!

              During this “grocery tour,” I will personally walk you through a local Grocer and show you “key areas” to Save $$ on weekly groceries, address specific chronic health conditions, & educate on “How to read Food Ingredient Labels effectively” with  my Nutritional “Jump-start!”

  • I serve the following local areas in North Dallas, Texas(Plano, Richardson, Wylie, Garland, North Dallas, McKinney, Lewisville, Carollton, Allen, Colony, & Frisco locations(In-Home = 10 mile radius of Home Office Plano, TX).

         In-Home “Holistic Healing” $500 VALUE!!! 40% OFF Regular Price!

  • In-Home Holistic Healing is a 1 time service where you invite me into your home and I “show” you and your loved ones, whom you live with, key tips, strategies, & skills to “Remain” healthy and rid your kitchen, body, and home free of  environmental “toxins” through “Hygiene Household products,” kitchen utensils, and specific foods, Medicinal Meals to correct various chronic health conditions.


  • Hand/Body lotion- Hand Cream products, Liquid hand soaps 
    • Shampoo/Conditioner, Pomades, Bar Soaps & Body Wash
    • Hygiene products: Toothpaste, Deodorant, & Mouthwash
    • Toxin-Free Household Cleaners, Laundry/dish-washing detergents, liquid dish soaps,
    • Economical cleaning products, cookware
    • Food Pantry Clean-out, Food Prep/Storage tips!

3-in-1 “Health Coaching” Program(Food-Movement-Stress Coping): 

If you would like professional coaching that addresses 3 the primary key areas that “Build Your Health Back” while adding a dose of “Youthfulness” to your body, “CALM” your mind, and “Slow Stress” a bit all included in my #1 “Program” at a “Discounted Rate,” then this is the the “Last Program” you will ever need my friend!

Most folks NEVER arrive at a place where they don’t need another Product, Program or Plan which are a Dime a Dozen sadly. I bring a Common Sense sorely needed in the “Worlds of Wellness” as I’ve noticed how RARE it is to find Health, Fitness, and Clinical Professionals who are able to sift through the “NOISE” and make sense of “Information Overload”  while getting right to the “Best Practices” that make up what we call Health.

If you’re like me and simply don’t believe that “Living Well” should be Super HARD, I highly encourage you to pick up the phone and “Call or Email” me today to get on your way to feeling Youthful like a kid again!

Remember what that felt like back in your 20’s?

If you or a Loved one has ever Experienced Chronic Pain that made Life Unbearable and are Tired of PAIN Getting in the Way” of the Quality of Life You were Designed to have, I can relate as I was able to Overcome my own Chronic Condition many years ago.

I over deliver in Value by adding the “Stress Slowing” aspect to this 3-in-1 Program delivered in a “unique” way that like all my Coaching is “Doable, while Detailed” to “Fit Seamlessly” into the “Fabric of Our Lives!” 

This 3-in-1 Health Coaching Program is what Excites me most as I put Significant Time to its details & is my “Bread N’ Butter” of all my services knowing how crucial it is that we take “moments” to “Go Deeper” into “Coping with Life Stress” as it’s this Untapped Umbrella that we MUST Uncover and Huge Can that at times we NEVER Open.

“3-in1 Health Coaching” is my #1 most popular package due to giving 3X the value and results for just $75/month more than my “Nutrition coaching” program as I Strategically Designed it a certain way based on what I see “MISSING” in other Health Programs! 

In-Home or Distance 3-in-1 Health Coaching:

  • Functional Strength Exercise Program Design(Completely Customized Exercise Program Template) via Email
  • Nutrition Coaching(Fat-Loss + Sport/Exercise + Clinical(Functional Medicine-Evidence Based) Based on Client Nutritional Need
  • “Stress Slowing” Lifestyle Activity(bi-weekly)
  • Coach Gabe’s “Get Well Grocery Guide”(In-Person or Distance)
  • Medicinal Meals(Catered to Customized Client Health Concerns)
  • “Food-Movement-Stress Coping” Initial Assessment:  Assess & Address “Greatest Limiting Factors” to desired Health-Body-Life “Change”
  • Bi-weekly “Check-ups” to stay on track towards “Inner Health,” “Body Composition,” & “Quality of Life” goals, dreams, & desires
  • Determine “Behavior Goals” based on specific “Outcome Goals”
  • Unprecedented Building Health Model, “Habit-Based Approach,” & “Functional Medicine Focus!”


   “Dynamic Discounts”

  • 12 Month Option (Full 12 Month Payment Upfront)=10% DISCOUNT! $210 Annual Savings, Significant Other’ Simultaneous Signup (10% OFF Regular Price!), or “Family Healing Bundle” Below! 
  • (10% OFF Reg Price) Significant Other’ Simultaneous Signup(Health Coaching)
  • (30 % Regular Price) Family HEALING Bundle: In-Person “3-in-1 Customized Health Coaching” for 3+ People  
Just Imagine what would happen if Families took Tenacious Action Together towards “Food-Movement-Stress Coping” Health Enhancing Behaviors Everyday All Around Our Nation!

I want to encourage Couples who live and do life together to take Action towards “Building Health” together since research shows “Social Support” is an absolutely Crucial Piece of the Behavior Change Pie!

             If you’re ready to make a decision to  “Get Fit with Gabe” & “Elevate Your Wellness” then click “Subscribe” or “Add to Cart” next to the “Nutrition,” or “Health Coaching” Program which fits your area of greatest need and contact me by “Phone/Skype” or “Email” to “Schedule” your 1-on-1 Completely Customized “Nutrition” or “Health Coaching,” Assessment which I provide for individuals, Couples(Significant Other Simultaneous Signup), & Families(“Family Healing Bundle)” starting today!

I accept all major cards for payment via in-person PayPal swipe in addition to Online Payments via “Pay-Pal.”

Please feel free to email me at the email listed below if any questions, comments, or concerns come up about any of my Building Health “Programs.”

Note: Please Provide me with 48 hrs Advance Notice on ALL Appointment Cancellations or re-schedules due to High Volume Peak Periods in addition to the nature of my Detailed, Customized Services I provide to each and every person whom I serve in the Community. I am continuously involved in Advancing Scientific Research in areas of “Functional Medicine, Sociological, Psychological, and Emotional disciplines surround “Brain-Behavior” latest Discoveries!”


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM CPT Certified)
  • Precision Nutrition (Sport/Exercise) Nutrition Certified
  • TRX Suspension Training Group Certified
  • B.S. Health and Wellness(Magna Cum Laude)- Kaplan  University
  • M.S. Clinical “Functional Medicine” Nutrition-University of Bridgeport

        Gabriel J. Wigington

  • Food Scientist, Nutritionist, Exercise Coach, & Fat-Loss Expert       
  • Phone: (214) 282-0812
  • Business Email:  Gabe@ElevatedWellness.biz

         Disclaimer: I am a Certified Personal Trainer (C.P.T.) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition (P.N.) Certified Nutrition Coach, & Fat-Loss Expert with background in “Functional Medicine” Clinical Nutrition but am not a Licensed Physician or Medical Provider.

         Any information I offer on my website or blog at Elevated Wellness.biz should not be misconstrued as Medical advice.
I do not diagnose, prescribe, or give medical treatment instead I coach behaviors, development skills, and assess/address my client’s greatest “complex health concerns” by building health “from scratch” just like my “Culinary Creations” otherwise known as  “Medicinal Meals!”



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