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Fast Fat Melting Furnace

“28 Day Fast Fat Melting Furnace!

“Fat Melting Furnace” (Virtual Coaching) includes: 

* Initial Nutritional Consultation – 60 Minutes: ($125 VALUE!) Includes:

* Get Well Grocery Guide(week 2)-($Priceless!)- Catered to Health History Assessment

* Kitchen Clean-up(week 3)- ($Priceless!)- “Pantry, Fridge, N’ Freezer” Assessment + “Food Prep Strategies”

  • *Assess & Address “Food Sensitivities!” 
  • *Open Q & A
  • *Greatest Limiting Factor Assessment (G.L.F.)- Identified during Consultation(ongoing)- “Behavior Goals” from “Outcome Goals”
  • *Nutritional “Daily Practice”
  • *Nutrition Education Documents” provided(Customized to specific Inner Health Status), primary “red flags” identified from Health History Assessment forms analysis
  • *Elevated Wellness “Health History” Assessment Form + “3 Day Dietary Intake Form”
  • *Medicinal Meal Prep Questionnaire(Tastes, Flavors, Aromas- Food Behavior Emphasis!)-Culinary-Clinical Connection 
  • *Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)
  • *3 Day Dietary Record Questionnaire
  • *Kitchen Makeover Questionnaire
  • *Readiness for Change Questionnaire
  • *Social Support Questionnaire
  • ***7 Day Detailed “Medicinal Meal” Menu- (Jump start) in line with your specific “Inner Health needs, Nutrient Deficiencies, Chronic Conditions/Disease Diagnoses, Weekly Food Budget, Food Sensitivities/Allergies, Food Culture, primary staple foods, Favorite Foods, & Functional Foods:
  • (“Food Planning” Stage (Phase 1 of FP3) “Food Coaching System!”
  • *Body Composition Assessment
  • *Recovery Assessment
  • *Meal Adherence Chart(if necessary)
  • *New Nutritional Daily Practice(Building Health Back “from scratch” Template) 

Fast Fat Melting Furnace

  • “Medicinal Meals”
  • Includes “Breakfast,” “Lunch,” “Dinner,” “Snacks,” “Shakes” & “DESSERTS”  to set you UP to Win in Building Your Health Back,  from scratch, and Arm You to Overcome “Occupational Obligations,” Chaotic Circumstances,” & Stressful Situations,” for when Life Gets in the Way!” 
  • “Medicinal Meals” (6 types):
    • 5-Minute, 1 Pan “Medicinal Meals”
    • “Protein Powered Snacks”
    • “Super-Shakes”
    • “Fat-Melting Decadent Desserts!”
    • “Breakfast Bowls”
    • “Bulk Lunches”
  • All of my signature “Medicinal Meals” are created “from scratch” and adhere to the following criteria.* “Time-Efficient”* “Cost-Effective”* “Emotionally Enjoyable”
  • Coming Soon: “Month of (30) Medicinal Meals!”(Ask me about this)”

 Below is a list of the types of “Health, Body, Quality of Life Outcomes” my clients typically experience as a result of my 28 Day “Fast Fat Melting Furnace” & “Functional Medicine Health Coaching!”

  • *Sharper memory, cognition, boost in mood, laser focus, & Emotional Intelligence
  • *Less Stress(Slow Stress)
  • *Improved Stress Coping Skills
  • *Restorative Sleep
  • *Healthy hormonal balance
  • *Stronger, Healthier, less Painful Joints
  • *Enhanced beauty, youthful skin
  • *Reduced Body Fat mass(Improved Muscle: Fat mass ratio)
  • *More Balanced, Aligned body
  • *Healthy Metabolism
  • *Enjoyable relationship with Food(Emotional Eating)
  • *Healthier Gut(Stool Analysis/Digestion/Absorption)
  • *Improved Cholesterol/Lipid Profile(H.D.L.: L.D.L:Total)
  • *Stable Blood Pressure(systolic: diastolic)
  • *Increase in Total Body “Functional Strength”
  • *Healthier Heart(Cardiovascular strength/endurance)
  • *Better Sexual function, libido
  • *Improved Testosterone/Estrogen/Cortisol Balance
  • *Stable Blood Glucose
  • *Clean, Healthy Liver
  • *Calm, clear, peaceful state of mind
  • *Greater Loving personal/professional relationships
  • *Greater Gratitude, confidence, & Joy
  • *Cohesion, Unity at Home        
Nutritional Consultation

Fast Fat Melting Furnace