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Medicinal Meals

“Fat-Melting” Blueberry Lemon Bread Recipe + “Building Health” Benefits



Homemade "Cherry Chocolate" with Cashews

 “Homemade Cherry Chocolate with Cashews”

Ingredients:  ½ cup Virgin coconut oil, ½ cup Raw Cacao Powder, ½ cup Raw Cocoa Butter, 1-2 packets Sweet-leaf Stevia, 1/4 cup Erythritol or desired sweetness, 1-2 tsp. ground cinnamon, ½ cup sliced cherries, handful Raw cashews!

Preparation: Place a small, shallow saucepan or bowl in a larger pot on stove to make a “double broiler” and heat small amount of water in the larger pan.

Then, add coconut oil and cocoa butter to heat while stirring occasionally until smooth!

Next, measure and place dry ingredients such as cocoa powder and any other you would like to add in a small bowl and add to the cocoa butter and coconut oil. Stir until everything mixes together and is smooth.

Finally, add sweetener of choice to the chocolate.

Taste chocolate to determine is desired sweetness is achieved. Take off the burner. Pour chocolate mixture onto large pie plate or bowl.

Let it sit for ~30 minutes before covering with foil and freezing overnight! You may refrigerate for 1 hour instead if you like. Enjoy delicious, decadent homemade from scratch chocolate!

Please share this recipe with family and friends. No soy lecithin or dairy added.  This fits perfectly at night to get your “Serotonin” mood boost to unwind and prepare for a peaceful night’s rest.

Not to mention the cacao plant which delivers chocolate in it’s raw, purest form is one of the most potent antioxidants on our beautiful planet to date according to clinical research!

Check out the post below from the Internal Council for Truth in Medicine.




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“Butternut Squash, Buckwheat Breakfast Bowl” topped with Creamy Greek Yogurt, Raw Cashews, & pinch of Pumpkin Pie Spice!

Ingredients:  1/2-1 cup Butternut Squash, 1/2-1 cup Raw Buckwheat Groats, 1-2 handfuls Organic Apple, 1/2 cup Greek Yogurt(Pastured Wallaby), handful Raw nut(Cashews) any nut would do, pinch cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, & Sweet-leaf Stevia to sweeten if desired.

Preparation:  Heat Cast-Iron Skillet, then add 1-2 tsp. virgin coconut oil, saute sliced Butternut Squash, and Apple sliced thin with cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice for 3-5 minutes or until cooked thoroughly by testing with a fork.  Add Raw buckwheat and mix together in skillet.

I love the aroma of the spices and the toasty texture of Cooked Buckwheat although I enjoy a parfait with raw buckwheat from time to time as well.

I encourage you to experiment with your food and make it your own since after all, you’re the one who will reap the affects of it, good or bad.

This is why in my “Nutrition and Health Coaching” Programs I help my clients navigate around health hurdles that may be limiting your emotional enjoyment of food while enhancing your “brain-body” function daily by teaching the “How” of food preparation!  Stay tuned to my upcoming article, “Do You RESPECT your food?”

To learn “Why” Buckwheat is a great staple food for “Diabetics” please click the link below:



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“Poached Apricots topped with Creme Fraiche”


2 medium Organic Apricots, pinch cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice, 2 tbsp. Hemp Hearts, 1 tsp. Virgin Coconut oil, 1-2 tbsp. Crème Fraiche (French dairy cream)!

Instructions: Take 2 Medium Organic Apricots and slice them fairly thin.
Then, heat a small amount of coconut oil and apricots in small saucepan on stove at medium-low heat (different ovens can vary in temperature settings: I use 3-4 on my stove).

Next, go ahead and add a spoon of crème’ fraiche into saucepan with apricots and pinch of cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice.

This recipe may be “poached” or “sauteed” depending upon individual nutritional needs and food availability.

For example, coconut oil gives excellent flavor to this fruit dish bringing out the “subtle sweetness” but if not available in your local area or in need of a lower fat intake, then poaching in H2O is an option.

I would like to make the point that coconut fat is what we call “M.C.T.” in the world of Biochemistry which means in simple terms it does not get stored as body fat and is used as an “Immediate energy source” for your muscles.  Cool, huh?

In addition, coconut oil also contains Lauric and Stearic acid which are shown to have numerous health benefits as well including immunity, antiviral, anti-bacterial, and promotes healthy glowing skin.

Below I’ve posted an insightful article on the “Healing Potential of Lauric Acid” written by one of my top mentors, Dr. Mercola!

Crème Fraiche is a secret ingredient numerous world class Chefs incorporate into their divine desserts not only for flavor and creaminess but also a beautiful presentation!
The fats in dairy cream help desserts hold by giving them substance and necessary “Saturated Fats” that are stable at high heats which prevents rancidity and oxidation.

This is good because “oxidation” may lead to cancer according to latest clinical research!

Pour mixture into a small bowl and top with another dollop of “crème fraiche” and sprinkle 2 tbsp. Hemp Hearts to provide some healthy fats along with key minerals like Magnesium, Zinc, and Manganese!
Magnesium is a key mineral in 300 Enzymatic Reactions inside our body daily while luckily there are many foods we can derive this important mineral from. It’s also important for sleep quality as well.


2015-08-11 16.39.03

“Mango Salsa/Guacamole”

Ingredients: 2-3 Large Vine-Ripened Tomatoes, 2-3 Yellow or Red Mangoes, fresh Organic Cilantro, organic lemon or lime juice, garlic, Jalapenos diced, Tomatillo or favorite pepper of choice,

Preparation:  Simple Mango Salsa/Guacamole: On a large cutting board, slice 2-3 large vine ripened tomatoes (I prefer large chunks), Tomatillo (You can choose favorite pepper as substitute), Mango sliced (I prefer yellow mangoes, great $$ saver), organic cilantro, organic lemon or lime juice: store in large Tupperware in refrigerator. Have fun with your food and experiment with various peppers like jalapenos, poblano’s, bell, and habaneros!

Remind me to share my forgetful story of my personal experience with Habaneros at a future date!

Let’s just say I learned the hard way to “proceed with caution” when it comes to spicy foods and being aware of the index that tracks “Capsaicin” enzyme that determines how “HOT” a pepper is.

Food Prep Tip: I like to buy enough tomatoes and mangoes to make a 2nd batch halfway through my week so I never run out!


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“Split Pea-Avocado-Mint Dip”

Ingredients:  1 cup Cooked Dry Split Green Peas(rinsed)/ (cook in bulk ahead of time for week), then portion out what you want for recipe (1 cup), handful Swiss Chard, sprig of fresh Mint leaves, 1/2 avocado, ¼ cup x-virgin olive oil, 1 tsp. crushed garlic=2-3 cloves, 10-15 drops lemon juice, ½ cup H2O (add sparingly to gauge right amount of liquid), pinch Himayalan pink salt.

Preparation:   Add ingredients to blender (Vita-mix) preferred, and blend until thick n’ creamy consistency. Add extra water/Olive oil  if necessary.  Pour into large bowl and enjoy!

Save in a tupperware for rest of your week.  I love the soft peaks that the fats in the avocado bring to this deliciously, nutritious plant-based Super-food “Protein Powered Snack!”

Read the Clinical study below to see the results of a double-blind study comparing Pea vs. Whey Protein for “Muscular Thickness” in Biceps Brachii after 12 weeks of Resistance Training!



2015-07-23 12.27.14

“Chia Buckwheat Crackers”


¼ cup Chia seeds, 1/2 cup Buckwheat flour, ¼ cup, 1 tbsp. “Extra Virgin” Olive Oil, 2 tsp. Unsweetened Almond Milk or grass-fed (Kalona brand) milk/pastured cream, 1 tsp. Vanilla extract, 1-1/3 tbsp.(4 tsp.) Raw Honey or Molasses, & pinch Himalayan pink salt!

Preparation:  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a large mixing bowl, mix together buckwheat flour, chia seeds, liquid sweetener (Raw honey, maple syrup, or molasses), Olive oil, almond milk, vanilla, and Himalayan salt. Stir until it all clumps together!

Then, Cut out sheet of parchment paper to fit inside 9X13” oven tray and trim edges of parchment paper to fit.

Brush a small amount of oil onto parchment paper. Lay the sheet onto flat surface or wooden board and spoon chia dough onto center while kneading the dough to make it stick with your hands to flatten it!

Then, once flat dust a little buckwheat flour onto rolling pin and roll the dough until even and completely flat.

Next, cut into squares with knife of desired length/shape.
Bake 8-10 minutes.

Don’t allow it to burn! Thicker crackers may require longer cook time. Thinner dough takes less time.  One benefit of these is they cook quick.

Finally, let the crackers cool before enjoying.

These aren’t your momma’s crackers to say the least as these will melt excess fat away among other healing properties!

Feel free to check out the article below on the medicinal purposes of this Powerful tiny seed called Chia which include promoting hair growth, metabolism boost, bone health, lower blood pressure, reduced Atherosclerosis risk, prevent insulin resistance, & improve hydration, electrolyte absorption for athletes!



Bok Choy Lentil-Sweet Potato Tacos topped with Black Olive slices!




-handful(4-6) Boy Choy leaves, 1/2 cup lentils(lentil trio: black beluga, red, green(Amazon), 1/2 cup mashed(cooked) Sweet Potato, several slices(1/2-1 oz.) Raw Pecorino Romano cheese(Trader Joe’s), diced Fire-Roasted Tomatoes(1/4 cup), dry 21 herb seasoning(few dashes), pinch dulse salt granules(Maine Coast brand), sprinkle red pepper flakes.


-In a skillet on the stove, heat butter or x-virgin olive oil until hot, then add lentils, mashed(cooked) sweet potato,  diced tomatoes, herbs, dulse salt, & pepper flakes until hot. Stir several times to make sure ingredients are mixed together well(3-4 minutes). Grate a small amount of romano cheese into mixture. Then remove from heat when reaches desired warmth. Scoop mixture onto each Bok Choy leaf as if filling a taco. add romano slices and top with black olives.  Enjoy!

See study below from the “Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry” on why Lentils are a great source of dietary Folate, a key and essential B vitamin for many areas of health including specifically neurological(brain) function along with prevention of neural tube defects in newborns from pregnant mothers! Folate is easy to find in many delicious whole foods such as legumes, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.



Yam-Apricot, Yellow Split Pea-Carrot Simple Soup!





1 cup cooked yellow split peas, few spoons Greek Yogurt(wallaby pasture raised), handful sliced apricot, few handfuls cooked carrots(sliced thin), 1/2-1 cup mashed(cooked) yam(Garnet or Jewel), 1/2 stalk celery chopped thin(cooked well), 1 tbsp. Raw Turmeric powder(Amazon), 1 tsp. minced garlic, 1/2-1″ ginger root(grated), & 3 tbsp. raw sesame seeds.


Rinse, then cook 1 cup(dry) yellow split peas in 3 cups water(you can do 1/2 H2O/vegetable stock if desired) with 1-2 tsp. garlic to the pot. Add 1-2 cups carrots, celery, grated ginger root, & turmeric powder until peas, carrots, and celery are cooked thoroughly before adding apricot & mashed cooked yam! When everything is nice N’ warm, remove from heat and puree soup in Vitamix or other high powered blender if available until smooth and incorporated. Then pour back into saucepan for 1-2 minutes and pour into soup bowl, sprinkle sesame seeds on top!

Below is a credible resource(University of Maryland Medical Center) on turmeric root’s many medicinal uses such as being Anti-inflammatory for painful, inflamed joints(knees/shoulder) such as Osteoarthritis!



Sweet N’ Satisfying Sardines over a bowl of Greens, red wine, & slices of Clementine surrounded by crunchy Walnut pieces!




1 cup green beans(rinsed)/(steamed), add 1/2 cup cauliflower for extra phytonutrient punch, red pepper flakes, dry herbs(oregano, basil, coriander, thyme), handful raw walnuts(chopped), 1 can Sardines(trader Joe’s), handful(1/2-1 cup) sliced clementine, drizzle red wine vinegar, drizzle basalmic vinegar, 1 tsp. Raw honey(Nature’s Nate/Costco).

Preparation: Steam 1 cup green beans/cauliflower in hot water on stove, then place in medium salad bowl, open can of sardines and add on top of greens in bowl. In a small skillet, saute’ sliced clementine in coconut oil for 2-3 minutes until soft, warm. If frozen either thaw ahead of time or heat 1-2 extra minutes. Then, add clementines to bowl surrounding sardines, drizzle vinegars and touch of Raw honey for sweetness, and walnut pieces in circular fashion for plate presentation!  Now you have yourself a late night Sleep enhancing dinner/snack depending on your needs and food volume desired.

Read below about what types of foods contain a specific Omega-3 fatty acid “essential” to cognition, memory, & degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia!




“Cream Cheesy Coconut Cranberry-Hazelnut Quinoa” served with “Sour Apple, Carrot, & Pungent Sheep Cheese!”



Ingredients: 1/2-1 cup red quinoa(cooked), 2 tsp. virgin coconut oil(cold pressed), handful(1/2 cup) whole cranberries(stock-up at Thanksgiving!), 2 oz. Pasture-raised cream cheese(organic valley brand), handful(1/4 cup) Raw Hazelnuts, 1 tsp. vanilla extract, pinch pumpkin pie spice, Celtic sea salt; In separate salad bowl, 1 cup carrots(steamed or baked in butter in advance), 2 small golden beets(diced thin/steamed), 1/2-1 stalk celery, sliced apple(granny smith), 1 oz. pungent Raw Roquefort Sheep cheese, 2 tsp. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (braggs).

Preparation: in large skillet, saute’ quinoa, thawed cranberries, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, cream cheese, & Celtic salt in coconut oil, then when warm, remove from heat and sprinkle chopped raw hazelnut pieces around the dish! For garnish/presentation, add 1-2 mint leaves to skillet at end(1-2 minutes) and incorporate into mixture, sprinkle pie spice/cinnamon lightly around dish.

Separately in salad bowl, steam carrots, diced golden beets, chopped celery, sliced apple in steam basket until nice N’ soft(test with fork) before removing from heat, then add to salad bowl with apple cider vinegar and pungent raw sheep cheese. Enjoy! This dish takes a little bit of time although worth it, so plan accordingly based on “Time Constraints.”

I have Strategically Selected numerous food strategies to address various client time and economic constraints long with Medicinal Meals for bedtime, late nights after work, physical activity, & body type specific considerations! I’m providing a solid foundation of meals for the public with my “Culinary Creations” as a way of life long-term for those in need of shifting “away” from processed “Standard American Diet” and move “towards” whole food the way nature wants to give it to us!

Stay tuned for Medicinal Meals for strict low carb eaters and Ketogenic nutritional needs for those with “chronic conditions” that warrant these nutritional recommendations. Note: If your doctor has not prescribed this, then do not “assume” you need a Ketogenic diet, as Evidence-based Clinical and Sports Nutrition Research both show it to be not “best” for most populations long-term.


Coconut Lime Shrimp, zucchini, & pear over chopped chard smothered in sweet cranberry cream sauce next to sweet golden Yam-browns!
Coconut Lime Shrimp, zucchini, & pear over chopped chard smothered in sweet cranberry cream sauce next to sweet golden Yam-browns!

Ingredients: Main Dish: 2 tsp. virgin coconut oil, handful(1/3 cup) diced zucchini, (1/3 cup) Bosc pear slices, (1 leaf chopped) Swiss chard, 3 oz. Wild Shrimp(mini), lime juice(10-15 drops), paprika, black pepper, garlic/onion powders).

Cranberry Cream Sauce: 1 cup rinsed whole cranberries, 1/4 cup coconut cream(Trader Joe’s), Raw Honey or Grade B Maple Syrup(1 tsp.), 2-3 slices pastured cream cheese(organic valley).

Sweet Yam-Browns(side dish): 1/2 cup cooked Yams(garnet or jewel), 1 whole egg(vital farms), 3 tbsp. coconut flour, pinch garlic/onion powders, Himalayan pink salt.

Preparation: Main Dish-saute’ in coconut oil(pear, zucchini, chopped chard last) lime juice, & wild shrimp, spices until hot.

Cranberry Cream Sauce: heat cranberries, coconut cream, sweetener of choice, cream cheese, and salt and let merry on “low” setting for 2-4 minutes before smothering on top of shrimp mixture! Can you say “Deliciously Nutritious?”

Sweet Yam-Browns(side dish): whisk together in medium mixing bowl, cooked yams, egg, coconut flour, spices, and salt. Heat(very hot) cast-iron skillet with Kerry-gold’s butter(grass-fed) and cook yam-coconut flour mixture until nice N’ warm! Serve on the side on a small plate. Should be somewhat golden brown, slight crisp, sweetness!


Chocolate Chip Banana-Nut Amaranth Porridge


Ingredients: 1-2 tbsp. grassfed kerrygolds butter, 1/2 cup Amaranth(cooked), 3 tsp. Raw cacao powder, 1 tsp. Raw cacao nibs, 2 tbsp. chia seed, 1/2 cup sliced Gala apple, 1/2-1 banana(frozen), 1 tsp. unsulphured blackstrap molasses, 1/4 cup(2 spoons) coconut cream, pinch cinnamon, pink himalayan salt

Preparation: heat in saucepan with hot water apple slices separately until soft as desired, then remove from heat.

Next, in cast iron skillet, on low-medium fire, heat cooked amaranth, apple slices, cinnamon, salt, & raw cacao powder in butter. Then, add frozen banana towards end, remove from heat and sprinkle cacao nibs, chia seeds, and a dollop of coconut cream to serve! Enjoy your Nutritiously Delicious Decadent Dessert in the form of my signature Breakfast Bowls!




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