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“Medicinal MEAL MENU”

Medicinal MEAL MENU
Month of "Medicinal MENUS"

Are You ready to finally STOP Chronic DISEASE Dead in its Demoralizing tracks?

Allow me to share why I’m different from all the other fitness trainers, health coaches, dieticians, nutritionists, clinicians, & physicians(Doctors) in addition to researchers, educators, & Culinary Chefs enabling me to solve complex health problems, ones Doctors Diagnose & also those who have yet to see a Doctor, who are just doing normal daily life until they realize something is Super SERIOUS & their body gives them a “message” that they better NOT IGNORE!

I mapped out my own 15 year Academic journey diving deep into more disciplines of health science than most embark upon based on what I SEE “missing” in the WORLDS(industries) that make up 1 simple word, “HEALTH.”

You may be wondering, what do I mean by this?

In short, the world of “research” which gets much attention for good reason since it is IMPORTANT to furthering scientific discovery & NEW potential solutions for some conditions, leaves even the very small % of folks who have acquired the SKILL-SET to ASSESS “Clinical Research” coming away with very little tangibly!

Have you ever read a Clinical Journal article left wondering what did all the DATA & complex science jargon “actually” mean? Oh, CHEMISTRY!

See, I figured this out many years ago during my discoveries + Clinical Practice experiences that truly were a game changer for how I view health information in a WORLD where Information Overload on the World Wide Web(A.K.A. GOOGLE) is what I call our #1 greatest health risk of our modern day.

I’m curious, what do you think of that statement?

Since I’ve been where others haven’t been with the “unique” vantage point of being in all these WORLDS that make up our Wellness, I’m able to SEE what others don’t SEE since I know very well the “focus” of each industry & how PERFECTIONISM “Gets in the Way” often times moving us further & further away from meeting basic health needs, that honestly were never meant to be SUPER DIFFICULT. I’m sure you’d agree with me on that one, am I right?

Rewind.… Let me REPEAT that statement in a different way so it syncs in!

We’re walking around with a nation filled with Chronic Disease and after my long 15 year journey I’m able to break down a National Health Crisis into a few key categories(Food, Movement, Stress) where most folks don’t do the BASICS to meet daily NUTRITIONAL NEEDS.

It was indeed a light bulb ah-ha moment for me during 1 of my countless days serving the public here in North Dallas, when I had the thought:

“You know, how sad is it that we want the answers to DISEASE while most people are simply not keeping 3 Meals ready from their Home Kitchen each day!”

Which WORLD are you most familiar with & do you look for help with your personal health challenges when you don’t know where to turn during difficult times?

Education? Fitness? Health Coaching? Dietetics? Clinical(Doctor)? Culinary(Food Expert)? RESEARCH?

Is there another one I’m missing that you TRUST as your go-to resource when life happens oh so fast & you wake UP to a serious situation you didn’t see coming around the corner?

– I’ve been there as I lost my Father, whom I love dearly, more than life itself, as he was the man who poured such life wisdom into me, teaching me how to handle tough situations in a way nobody’s teaching our youth today, from what I can see.

So I shared that to say, understand that when I speak of waking up to a “serious situation,” in regard to one’s health, I speak from REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE.

Anyways, that should paint a vivid picture for the basis of my Worlds of Wellness VISION for my Elevated Wellness practice(1-on-1 Health Coaching + Behavioral Health Education) & why each of these (Worlds of wellness) provide important key “pieces” of information we need to solve what I call the “Ginormous Jigsaw Puzzle” of American Health turning the tide away from Disease and towards the other end of the pendulum of optimum healthy “brain/body” function hence the term “Functional Medicine.”

Functional Medicine may be a term you’re unfamiliar with. In summary, it’s a way of practicing medicine which enables those of us who are highly “qualified” & “trained” in this special skill-set that’s just now starting to gain a full head of steam, to literally HEAL or ERASE Chronic Disease of all kinds as it were NEVER there.

I hope now you can clearly see why my Business slogan I chose is as follows: “Building Health Back, from scratch, 1 Puzzle Piece at a Time.”

In case you’re unaware, we have an entire generation of young people(struggling students) in the WORLD of Education(conventional classrooms) who nearly Never receive the help, support, & guidance that solves their learning challenges(most of us have struggled at some point in our lives + many ADULTS at the OFFICE suffer from ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia…)

So you see it’s NOT just your kids, we have a SOCIETAL PROBLEM on our hands and passing these bright, creative kids around from Special ED- psychologists, therapists, & Doctors downing DANGEROUS DRUGS as if they were CANDY, is Not the answer!

If you’re ready to solve your child’s learning challenges, once and for all, & leave Disabilities in the Dust, right where they belong, I highly encourage you to take advantage of how I’m making my “custom-design” Medicinal MEAL MENU affordable for the whole FAMILY which I design right here at “Gabe’s HEALING KITCHEN”- where we get to the ROOT of your greatest health need & Ignite your inner capacity to self-HEAL DISEASE!

I flip all the DIET RULES on their head & make FOOD FUN AGAIN! – You know we as humans were NEVER DESIGNED to follow DIETS. The more RESEARCH people READ, the further “we the people” of the United States have moved away from actually having basic HEALTH needs met.

Here’s a crazy ?

What does it mean when sharp, brilliant educated scientists are racking their BRAINS endlessly scouring through study after study, to solve the complex BIGGER PROBLEMS all while the BASICS that Build Health over and over, which mind you haven’t CHANGED from 1919 to 2019(principles stay the same), are not being met meaning “we the people” need to look at what is “getting in the way” that we have control of?

Sadly, we’ve allowed people in positions of POWER who aren’t that educated nor do they care about people like You and I, to feed us information that truly shows the power of BELIEF. Be cautiously careful who you FOLLOW especially when it pertains to your human BRAIN as this is our command center that impacts our moment-to-moment mood, mindset, emotion, & relationships with those whom we Love.

Well, I’d love to stay and chat while there’s many Bright, Talented, & Creative Kids(my students) who need my help in solving learning challenges Doctors Diagnose as Disabilities(I don’t believe anyone is incapable of learning or DISABLED, by the way.)

If you want to know something about me, what I truly ENJOY most these days, if how I walk up & down local GROCER aisles & use my knowledge of CHEMISTRY & DISEASE to SHOW folks just like You how simple it can be to Build your Health Back while making your MEALS become MEDICINE to your Brain & Body.

Let me ask you, when’s the last time you truly ENJOYED MEALTIME while leaving you feeling like SUPERMAN/WOMAN after the Meal was over?

If you’re ready to receive your own “custom-design” Medicinal MEAL MENUS catered to your specific Health Situation(Doctor Diagnosis(Clinical “Functional Medicine Nutrition), Athletic Performance(Sport Nutrition), or Weight “Fat” Loss needs), click the button below & you’ll receive a personal “email” from me about “next steps” since I go the extra mile & am Never TOO BUSY to help another ESCAPE their WORLD of Exhaustion, STRESS, or PAIN they feel TRAPPED in.

Month of "Medicinal MENUS"

Until next time

Coach Gabe(Gabriel J. Wigington)
Functional Medicine Nutritionist/Health Coach/Health Educator/Tutor/Food Scientist/Speaker/Writer/Fat-Loss Expert