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Owner/Operator: Gabe Wigington

As a Food Scientist, Nutritionist, Exercise Coach, and Fat-Loss Expert with 15 years Food Industry Hands-on Experience, Gabriel Wigington is committed to “Solving Perpetual Health Problems” as part of his Vision to create “Cohesive Communities” around the globe by sharing his message that we can “Reverse Dis-Ease” by “Building Health!”

In his self-created private practice, Elevated Wellness, Gabriel is Passionate about reversing “Chronic Conditions,” in addition to his self-created VISION of “Bridging the Worlds” of  Wellness through “Fat-Loss Nutrition,” “Culinary Arts,” & “Functional Medicine” together plus a strong emphasis on “Grocery Education.”

Gabriel’s “FP3 Food Coaching system,” “Medicinal Meals,” and “What Matters Most” habit-based Coaching philosophy are a Game-Changer for “Building Health Back” to a whole new level as a key piece in solving the Jigsaw Puzzle that is “American Health” and “turn the tide” in our “Quality of Life” since we’re all in this together.

As someone who has suffered through countless years of chronic nerve pain, Gabriel’s heart goes out to anyone who feels “Trapped” in a “World of Pain” that at times seems Inescapable while specializing in “Slowing Stress” in a World that sorely needs less stress through his Primary Coaching expertise on “Food Behavior.”

Gabriel J. Wigington, “Functional Medicine” Health Coach, with Elevated Wellness commented on how” “Adults in America” visit Doctors daily while NEVER getting any better. In my “Functional Medicine Health Coaching,” Aging Adults gain an understanding that we can “Reverse Disease” by “Building Health.”
















Gabriel J. Wigington (top right)

Elevated Wellness

“Building Health Back,” from scratch,

“1 Puzzle Piece at a Time”

-Food Scientist, Nutritionist(Functional Medicine/Sport Nutritionist), Exercise Coach, and Fat-Loss Expert

-NASM CPT Certified

-TRX Training Certified

-Precision Nutrition Certified(#1 World Class Sport/Exercise Nutrition Credential)

-BS Health and Wellness(Magna Cum Laude)-Kaplan University

-MS Clinical “Functional Medicine” Nutrition- University of Bridgeport(+ 250 hrs “Hands-on” Clinical Practice Experience)

-15 Years “Hands-on” Food Service Industry Experience(Restaurant/Grocery)

-Serve-safe Food Handlers Certified(Food Safety)

-EC-12 Health/Physical Education(TEA Teacher Certified)

-On Your Way to an “A” Academic Tutoring Business- Elementary/Middle School: Reading, Grammar/Language Arts, Math, Science; HS Biology, Higher Education Anatomy/Physiology, Biochemistry, Kinesiology

-Unprecedented A.B.C.D. “Functional Academic Counseling”(Solves “Learning Challenges”(Disabilities) for “Struggling Students” in Conventional Classrooms(“Change Psychology + Mind-Body Medicine +Functional Medicine Nutrition + Motor Development + Brain-Behavior Science Disciplines”)- “Academic-Behavioral-Cognitive-Developmental” outcomes 

“Habit Based “Behavior Change” Coaching”

Hello everyone, I’m “Coach Gabe”

         My passionate desire is to Ignite your Inner Healing Process today!

         For those whom are tired of living less than their best, please allow my coaching programs to add a bit more zest!

         How do I do this?

    • Through my habit-based approach that helps you stay focused on “what’s next”


    • By providing clear and concise, daily actionable steps.
    • With what I call “Daily Practice” because practice makes perfect


    • As your personal “Health Detective” it’s my job to inspect


    • The “Greatest Limiting Factors” that could dull you down


  •  Advise the “Minimum Effective Dosage” to turn your health status around

          Here’s what I mean by this:

         “Greatest Limiting Factor” is my coaching approach that means I will take your specific outcome goals such as   “lose 5 lbs. of body fat in 4 weeks for example,” and help you create “behavior goals” which will keep you “on track” to achieve the “outcome goals” that you say you desire!

  • I will also determine what roadblock is blocking you or what obstacle is standing in your way from your ideal health, body, and life overall.

          Every individual has different health needs, which is why it is most effective to use this approach combined with   latest “brain psychology research” proving that when we have laser focus on”1 thing at a time,” our success rate “goes up” significantly when compared to a greater difficulty of success when “two or more” life changes occur at the same time. As I always say, “1 Step at a Time” that’s how things work best, am I right?

           Minimum effective dosage” means I will help you determine which 1 new

  • Exercise, Nutrition, or Stress reduction behavior change could lead to your greatest positive health improvement in your life right now!

          This is where having a “coach” who understands the “how” of health, body, & life change can provide the following benefits:

  • simplify things and eliminate wasted time while also helping you avoid years of frustration, confusion, and sub-par results!

          Why not take advantage and benefit from someone’s real life experiences & begin doing what works, right?

  • Assessing & addressing your greatest complex health need

          As your local “Holistic-Functional Practitioner” it’s my Honor to Generate

  • Simple, doable, change that cuts your learning curve down

          There’s so much more than Food N’ Fitness that impacts our well-being as I’ve found.

          In my decade + of tenacious research and scholarly study

          It brings me great joy to“walk with you,” “step-by-step,” my good buddy.

          I’m about long-term relationships, very thorough and detailed,

          I don’t skimp on “What Matters Most,” and am not just about retail.

          I advise “Supplements” on a need to know basis.

           In other words, I do not recommend a supplement unless I assess that one is necessary or beneficial based upon three important factors:

    1. budget 
    2. lifestyle factors(Occupation, Stress, Local Food Availability, Culture, Geographic location, relationships…
    3. Current health status.

          In what I call the “Wacky Wide World of wellness,” unfortunately numerous companies exist primarily to sell you their latest supplement and therefore are a “Dime a dozen” while “Body Transformation Experts” are more rare, invaluable, and challenging to find like a “Diamond in the Rough!”

          Honestly, I want to bring a “personal human touch” that is at times lacking in the mainstream medical world and show people of all ages, body types, & cultural backgrounds a system of Exercise-Eating-Coping with life stress that puts them in the driver’s seat and in consistent control of their health, body, and life as a whole! Has a Doctor ever asked you about your Relationship with your Thoughts, Words, or Emotional State and its pivotal role in your Life STRESS? If not, they should.

           I don’t know about you but it was rather exhausting trying to figure stuff out all those years back when I struggling with my health.

           Now I would like to share my knowledge and systematic approach with as many others as humanly possible. so together we create a happier, healthier, & more peaceful world for us all.

           I could have chosen to be just another Food N’ Fitness marketed hype sensation,

           Instead my “Elevated WellnessMISSION is “Global Wellness Transformation!

           Join me in my MISSION in “Elevating Wellness” around the Globe by taking a “Pro-Active” approach to Inner Health & Healing while sharing my “Professional Services” with family, friends, and those whom you Love in your inner circle of Trust!

Together, we can make a difference N’ Turn the Tide in American Health by reversing Chronic Degenerative Disease by “Building Health” 1 Puzzle Piece at a Time! 

Do you Believe it?

      All things are possible to those who believe: Unity=Community

Let’s Create “Cohesive Communities” starting right where we are in our own local neighborhoods, shall we?

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