“Gabe’s Healing Kitchen”

If you’re ready to be shown EXACTLY how to DESIGN Your Very Own HEALING KITCHEN that ARMS you & your Family to steer clear of CHRONIC DISEASE by avoiding “DEPRIVING DIETS,” “FAKE FOODS,” & “Buckets of PILLS,” that constantly TRIP UP most hard working folks all around AMERICA, “click” the button below & accept my invitation to come on over to Gabe’s Healing Kitchen(Frisco, TX) where we get to the “ROOT” of your greatest health need & Ignite your inner capacity to self-HEAL DISEASE!

Let me ask me 1 ?

What would it feel like to feel like SUPERMAN/WOMAN when we wake UP each morning & lie your head on your pillow at night, peacefully knowing that you & your loved ones, healthily & happily, will all sleep tight?

In case you think this event is just another HEALTH/DIET thing that you’ve heard before, think again, my friend. Truth is, I still to this day, see DOCTORS on documentaries giving out BAD ADVICE getting us further away from how we were “designed” to EAT for LIFE. I’m incredibly determined to put a STOP to this madness by Bridging the Worlds of Wellness(taking the HEAVINESS OUT of Eating) especially for entire FAMILIES.

I’ll be sharing my insight + Experience in how I see the SYSTEM VIEW from up top of how all the WORLDS that make up our WELLNESS “connect”(not isolated industries), & also my specific strategies + specific SUPER + STAPLE FOODS I personally have used for 15 + years while flying from Blue Collar Painfully, Physically STRESSFUL WORK + Rigorous Higher Education. I know my Students in my BRILLIANT BRAINS program can understand what I’m talking about!

Let’s just say I can relate to your Pain, Exhaustion, & Stress(common in nearly all chronic conditions- see the pattern?) that often times keeps us from fitting in the basics that keep us in a good, healthy place to support our basic BRAIN/Body functions(hence term “Functional Medicine”).

Life happens. I’ve been there like a Gazillion times! Sometimes, it’s life-changing to benefit from another who’s been in our shoes, know what I mean?

In short, “we the people” of the United States, to form a nation filled with Cohesive Communities(my Elevated Wellness long-term VISION– ask me for my “ppt presentation” to see my “long-term” plan here in North Dallas!), do NOT need more information about which DIETS to follow, turning food into MATH(counting calories, carbs, fat grams, obsessing about how much PROTEIN was always DUMB guys).

Last thought/question: Let’s just pretend, since I’m a very naturally “inquisitive” person, for the heck of it, that “we the people” of the United States(geographic region) eat a wide variety of all the food groups(plants & animals) EVERYDAY, in their natural “WHOLE” food form, properly prepared to leave us feeling good/calm in our BELLY following a lovely meal, what do you think would be our END RESULT(health/body/quality of life outcome)? I’ll let you ponder that one & get back to me by furthering the conversation in the “comments” below!

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say & take “moments” to read every response from my followers since this movement towards cohesive communities, requires all of us to be on the same page. UNITED we STAND. This is about so much more… than just Food!

"Design" Your Very Own HEALING KITCHEN!

I look forward to getting to know you & your family at local education, food, & health events.

Until next time,


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