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“Gabe’s Healing Kitchen”

If you’re ready to be shown EXACTLY how to DESIGN Your Very Own HEALING KITCHEN that ARMS you & your Family to steer clear of CHRONIC DIS-EASE by avoiding “DEPRIVING DIETS,” “FAKE FOODS,” & “Buckets of PILLS,” that constantly TRIP UP most hard working folks, all around AMERICA, “click” the button below.

"Design" Your Very Own HEALING KITCHEN!

Please accept my invitation to come on over to Gabe’s Healing Kitchen(Frisco, TX) where we get to the “Root” of your greatest health need, and ignite your inner capacity to self-HEAL DISEASE!

Let me ask you one question.

What would it feel like to BE SUPERMAN/WOMAN after you’ve had a peaceful night’s rest?

I’ve watched documentaries that reveal many Doctors lack of Nutritional expertise necessary to move us as a society closer to how we were “designed” to EAT for LIFE. As a health educator, I’m determined to clear the confusion on many health topics by showing you how all the industries and disciplines from Academic health sciences translate into a few key categories that build our health.

  • Food Behavior(Grocery, Culinary, Functional Medicine)
  • Functional Movement(Neuromuscular exercise)
  • Slowing Stress(Social, Psychological, Emotional Wellness)

I’ll be sharing my knowledge and experience about how healthy eating does not have to be difficult.

When considering how Medicine is done, it’s important to understand that different philosophies of approaching medicine exist that can determine whether you feel better or worse, when leaving the doctor’s office.

The goal of Functional Medicine simple. To support our bodies with the capability to cope with life’s daily stress by receiving the nutritional components required to bounce back just as strong for demands of whatever tomorrow brings our way.

Imagine what a world where each person met their nutritional needs everyday would look like? Would workplaces look any different? How about behavior in school? Would suicides, anxiousness, and depression go down? Did you know a lack of nutrition can lead to hostile, aggressive behavior due to the internal environment of the human brain?

Do you think it’s possible to have every single person meet their daily nutritional needs?

I believe it is. It will take some strategy to put into action on a large scale.

I look forward to getting to know you & your family at the many “local education, food, & health events” I attend annually.

I especially enjoy speaking with parents and teachers who care for children in the area of special needs. Isn’t it time students are shown how what they eat is not setting them up for success in the classroom.

It’s time schools receive the help they need to support optimal learning inside their four walls throughout the school year.

If we are going to see a shift in Test Scores, behavior, and social skills, nutrition is a must to comprehend complex concepts as an Academic student.

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