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“Functional” Neuro-muscular Exercise Coaching

 “Functional Strength Exercise Coaching” w/Videos (Facebook Messenger/Skype/Zoom Video Chat) –“Add-On” to “Functional Med Health Coaching” Program(See Bottom of Page)!

Note:  Access Granted to my “Functional Strength Exercise You-Tube Page upon sign-up:

        “Functional Fitness” Assessment:

  •  -Body Composition Assessment(Bi-Weekly)
  •  -Movement Assessment (Monthly)
  •  -Visual Assessment Photos (Monthly)
  •  -Performance Assessment (Monthly)
  •  -Recovery Assessment(Bi-Weekly)
  •  -Blood Chemistry Assessment (See Doctor)
  •  -Movement(Postural), Body Composition(Bi-Weekly), Performance, Recovery(Bi-Weekly), & Visual     Assessments(Monthly) :60 Minutes: $99 VALUE!)

          Phase 1: Stabilization Endurance(4 weeks)

         Phase 2: Strength Endurance (4 weeks)

        Family Bundle: (Group Exercise Session)

  • -Completely Customized “Functional Strength” Exercise Program Design(N.A.S.M. OPT Template) via Email
  • -1-on-1 Exercise Coaching In-Person(10 Mile Radius) or Distance Coaching
  • -Consists of detailed, thorough previous exercise history, prior & current nervous, muscular, and skeletal  system concerns, joint instability, postural imbalances and chronic conditions
  • -Fitness, Health, & Body Composition Goals
  • -“Why” Behind Fitness Goals
  • -(G.L.F.) Greatest Limiting Factor Assessment
  • -Personal Testimonial Transformation Story Development
  • – 24/7 Open Q & A.
  • -Personalized “Email/Facebook Messenger” response to all Fitness?’s, Guaranteed Feedback in 24 hours!
  •  -Elevated Wellness “Facebook Group” Support
  • -“Get Fit with Gabe” by receiving solutions to address your greatest body challenges via “Functional   Corrective  Exercise.”
  • -Customized “Exercise Program Design” based on “Inner Health” Status gathered from detailed “Health History Assessment” to address your specific muscular-skeletal-joint Limitations
  •  Greatest Muscle-Joint Weakness areas
  • -“Functional” Exercise Videos(TRX, Kettlebells, Slam-ball/Med-ball, Gymnastic Rings, Pull-ups, Body-weight, Yoga, Sport Specific)
  • -Injury Prevention Advanced Tips
  • -Lifestyle Postural Correction Tips
$299/Mo+ In-Home "Functional Strength Exercise Coaching-2 X/Wk
$399/Mo In-Home "Functional Strength Exercise Coaching"-3 X/Wk