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“Functional Medicine Health Coaching”

-60 Minute Initial Assessment Appointment(Consultation “sign-up” button below) + 2 Bi-weekly Check-ups each month(Grocery Guide + Kitchen Clean-up Appointments 1st Month)-Health History/Dietary Analysis Assessment Forms

Nutritional Consultation

1-on-1 Completely Customized Nutrition Coaching(Fat-Loss + Sport/Exercise + Clinical(Functional Medicine-Evidence Based) Based on Client’s specific “Clinical Health/Body Comp/Lifestyle Goals”

“Functional Holistic Therapeutic Plan” Customized to current Clinical Health History(Evidence-based Functional Medicine practices) in conjunction with your Primary Care Physicians guidance

Stress Slowing” Emotionally Enjoyable Lifestyle Activity

-Crucial Conversations to Navigate around “Occupational Obligations, Chaotic Circumstances,” and Stressful Situations” tied to “Food Behavior(Social, Psychological, Emotional Eating)

-FP3 Food Behavior Coaching System(Planning, Purchase, Prep)-Customized to Food Culture/Preferences, Food Sensitivities/Allergens, Local Availability, Food Budget, Time Efficiency, Kitchen Skill Proficiency, Health Status…

-“Get Well Grocery Guide”(1-on-1 Neighborhood Grocer Tour)

-Medicinal Meals(Culinary Creations Catered to Customized Client Health Concerns)-6 recipe types(Included in “Functional Holistic Therapeutic Plan” document(via Email)

-“Food Behavior-Functional Movement-Stress” Assessment“Greatest Limiting Factors” to Health, Body, Lifestyle Outcome Goals

-Bi-weekly “Check-ups” to stay on track towards “Clinical Health,” “Body Composition,” & “Quality of Life” outcomes documented during Health/Nutritional Assessment

-Determine “Behavior Goals” based on specific “Outcome Goals” provided during assessment appointment

-Unprecedented “Building Health” Model,“Habit-Based” Approach, & “Functional Medicine” Focus!

Below is a list of the “Health Enhancing Benefits” my clients typically experience as a result of my “Functional Medicine” Health Coaching program:

-“Results may vary” while “Beneficial Health Outcomes” can be expected to begin in as little as (2-4 weeks!)

  • Sharper memory, cognition, boost in mood, laser focus, & Emotional Intelligence
  • Less Stress, Chronic Fatigue
  • Improved Stress Coping Skills
  • Full Restorative “Sound Sleep”
  • Healthy hormonal balance
  • Stronger, less Painful Joints
  •  Enhanced beauty, youthful, naturally glowing skin
  • Reduced Body Fat mass(Improved Muscle: Fat mass ratio)
  • More Balanced, Aligned body
  • Healthy Metabolism
  • Enjoyable relationship with Food(Emotional Eating)
  • Healthier Gut(GI Function/Food Digestion/Nutrient Absorption/Assimilation)
  • Improved Cholesterol/Lipid Profile(H.D.L.: L.D.L:Total)
  • Stable Blood Pressure(systolic: diastolic)
  • Increase in Total Body “Functional Strength”(A.D.L. Evidence) 
  • Healthier Heart(Cardiovascular strength/endurance)
  • Better Sexual function, libido
  • Improved Testosterone/Estrogen/Cortisol Balance
  • Stable Blood Glucose
  • Clean, Healthy Liver
  • Calm, clear, peaceful state of mind
  • Greater Loving personal/professional relationships
  • Greater Gratitude, confidence, & Joy
  • Cohesion, Unity at Home        

If you’re ready to make a decision to regain your Youth and “Build Your Health Back” to where it used to be, click “Subscribe” below. 

Nutritional Consultation

Functional Med Health Coaching