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“Functional Medicine Health Coaching”


Nutritional Consultation

Functional Med Health Coaching


Below is a “snapshot” view of what you’ll receive from my “unique” what matters most methods that add key components with “Functional Medicine” + “Culinary-Clinical” vantage point Not found in other Health Coaching services:


  • 60 Minute Initial Assessment Appointment(Consultation “sign-up” button below) + 2 Bi-weekly Check-ups each month(Grocery Guide + Kitchen Clean-up Appointments 1st Month)-Health History/Dietary Analysis Assessment Forms


  • 1-on-1 Completely Customized Nutrition Coaching(Fat-Loss + Sport/Exercise + Clinical(Functional Medicine-Evidence Based) Based on Client’s specific “Clinical Health/Body Comp/Lifestyle Goals”


  • “Functional Holistic Therapeutic Plan” Customized to current Clinical Health History(Evidence-based Functional Medicine practices) in conjunction with your Primary Care Physicians guidance


  • Stress Slowing” Emotionally Enjoyable Lifestyle Activity

-Crucial Conversations to Navigate around “Occupational Obligations, Chaotic Circumstances,” and Stressful Situations” tied to “Food Behavior(Social, Psychological, Emotional Eating)


  • FP3 Food Behavior Coaching System(Planning, Purchase, Prep)-Customized to Food Culture/Preferences, Food Sensitivities/Allergens, Local Availability, Food Budget, Time Efficiency, Kitchen Skill Proficiency, Health Status…


  • “Get Well Grocery Guide”(1-on-1 Neighborhood Grocer Tour)

-Medicinal Meals(Culinary Creations Catered to Customized Client Health Concerns)-6 recipe types(Included in “Functional Holistic Therapeutic Plan” document(via Email)


  • “Food Behavior-Functional Movement-Stress” Assessment“Greatest Limiting Factors” to Health, Body, Lifestyle Outcome Goals
  • Bi-weekly “Check-ups” to stay on track towards “Clinical Health,” “Body Composition,” & “Quality of Life” outcomes documented during Health/Nutritional Assessment
  • Determine “Behavior Goals” based on specific “Outcome Goals” provided during assessment appointment
  • Unprecedented “Building Health” Model,“Habit-Based” Approach, & “Functional Medicine” Focus!

Below is a list of the “Health Enhancing Benefits” my clients typically experience as a result of my “Functional Medicine” Health Coaching program:


“Results may vary” while “Beneficial Health Outcomes” can be expected to begin in as little as (2-4 weeks!)


  • Sharper memory, cognition, boost in mood, laser focus, & Emotional Intelligence
  • Less Stress, Chronic Fatigue
  • Improved Stress Coping Skills
  • Full Restorative “Sound Sleep”
  • Healthy hormonal balance
  • Stronger, less Painful Joints
  •  Enhanced beauty, youthful, naturally glowing skin
  • Reduced Body Fat mass(Improved Muscle: Fat mass ratio)
  • More Balanced, Aligned body
  • Healthy Metabolism
  • Enjoyable relationship with Food(Emotional Eating)
  • Healthier Gut(GI Function/Food Digestion/Nutrient Absorption/Assimilation)
  • Improved Cholesterol/Lipid Profile(H.D.L.: L.D.L:Total)
  • Stable Blood Pressure(systolic: diastolic)
  • Increase in Total Body “Functional Strength”(A.D.L. Evidence) 
  • Healthier Heart(Cardiovascular strength/endurance)
  • Better Sexual function, libido
  • Improved Testosterone/Estrogen/Cortisol Balance
  • Stable Blood Glucose
  • Clean, Healthy Liver
  • Calm, clear, peaceful state of mind
  • Greater Loving personal/professional relationships
  • Greater Gratitude, confidence, & Joy
  • Cohesion, Unity at Home        


If you’re ready to make a decision to regain your Youth, Build Your Health Back” to where it used to be, click “Subscribe” below. 


Elevated Wellness is the only place where you can have your health Jigsaw Puzzle put back together again, like Humpty Dumpty, with the following credentials, health science discipline areas which are rarely “connected” to support optimum wellness(as holistic as it gets) in a simple, doable way with “FOOD” as the foundation and “behavior change” as the focus. 


  • “Precision Nutrition(Sport/Exercise/Fat-Loss Nutrition)
  • Clinical “Functional Medicine” Nutrition
  • Mind-Body (Integral) Medicine(Stress)
  • Brain Behavior
  • “Culinary” meets “Clinical” in the form of my signature “Medicinal MENUS” catered to your specific “Tastes, Flavor, Aroma” preferences(Emotional Eating Enjoyment) fit seamlessly into the fabric of your daily life. 


Who we follow in our journey back to health matters. 


If you’ll “follow me”(place your TRUST in me), I’ll show you some things you’ve likely never been shown before that will “add years” to your quality of life, giving you the precious gift of your youthfulness back while arming you with the knowledge and skills to REMAIN healthy, strong, and lean for life with EASE so that you’re prepared to WIN the battle for your livelihood the next time you’re under ATTACK(processed food- fake foods, food products, buckets of pills, latest unregulated supplements). 


Nutritional Consultation

Functional Med Health Coaching