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Coach Gabe’s “Get Well Grocery Guide” Trip (Included FREE with 12 Month Program) “Functional Med Health Coaching + “Fat Melting Furnace” Programs

  • 1-on-1 Grocery Guide where I “guide” through a local Grocer of your choice and “show” you how to Navigate the aisles in strategic “Food Purchases” based on your “unique” Inner Health Status(things doctors look at), Body Composition Goals, and Nutritional Needs at the time!
  • I will also “show” you my weekly food system for how I “Plan, Purchase, & Prepare” my own “Medicinal Meals” in my “Healing Kitchen” each week in addition to helping you develop your personal system for how you map out your weekly meals that support optimal brain-body function, body composition, & quality of life you say you desire!  $200 Value!

There is a specific “order” for my “Nutrition” & “Health Coaching” programs that leads to “optimal results” with my self-created food coaching system I call “FP3” Food Planning, Food Purchase, and Food Prep where I personally “walk with you” step by step “showing” you exactly how to “Decipher Ingredient Labels,” “Strategize a System” for “Time-Efficient” Weekly Food Prep, & “Cut Cost” while making your “Meals Medicinal” as I specialize in turning “Whole Foods” into “Medicinal Meals!” 

“Kitchen Clean-up” involves me personally assessing your “Pantry, Fridge, & Freezer” in your kitchen and coaching you in what to “Cut Out” and smart substitutions and “Simple Swaps” to “Add In” to enhance your brain/body function and take your health to a whole new level!

~98% of Health Professionals lack this uncanny, Essential Skill-set in “Grocery Education”(Food Purchase Client Customization). This is where Your Brain-Body Begin its “Inner Healing” Process!

Here is the “order” for my coaching to give you a visual:

   1. “Nutritional/Health History Assessment”(Food Planning-60 min)

              2. “Get Well Grocery Guide”(Food Purchase-60 min)

              3. “Kitchen Clean-up”(Food Prep-60 min)

We will meet for “1 hour” for the above 3 Appointments followed by regular “Bi-Weekly Check-ups”(30 min) for the remainder of  your “Nutrition” and “Health Coaching” program to ensure you REMAIN on track to accomplish your specific “Inner Health,” “Body Composition,” and “Quality of Life” outcomes that you say “Matter Most” to you!

During this “grocery tour,” I will personally walk you through a local Grocer and show you “key areas” to Save $$ on weekly groceries, address specific chronic health conditions, & educate on “How to read Food Ingredient Labels effectively” with  my Nutritional “Jump-start!” I should mention that this includes the All-imperative “Foods to Avoid” List I’ve mapped out personally to help cut down your learning curve noticing how people are constantly “reading labels” at the grocery store trying to figure out how to improve their Clinical Health & Body Composition(Weight Loss) Outcomes. I’m very good at pinpointing precisely which foods will cater to specific health situations(Health History). Can you begin to IMAGINE having your very own custom Culinary Creations designed for the Healing you greatly need that start with customized food list at your neighborhood grocery store?

I primarily serve the local areas of North Dallas, Texas(Plano, Richardson, Wylie, Garland, North Dallas, McKinney, Lewisville, Carollton, Allen, Colony, & Frisco locations(In-Home = 10 mile radius of Home Office Plano, TX).

If you would like to me to teach you this priceless Skill-set of Customized “Grocery Food Purchase” & “Kitchen Food Prep” as a System that can be rinsed/repeated enabling you to REMAIN Healthy, Strong, N’ Lean for Life with EASE, while avoiding looking for another PROGRAM, PILL, or PRODUCT to Solve your Most Pressing Health Concerns and leave you worry FREE at night to Sleep Peacefully knowing you have a System for Eating that works for you, tome and again, go ahead and click the “Buy Now” button below!

I’m making this special service available for the general public and especially families who have been unable to sustain healthy eating that “fits” into the very fabric of their regular lives, while still keeping up with the many daily duties of their “Occupational Obligations, Chaotic Circumstances(Ex: Family Emergencies), & Stressful Situations(2 Jobs + Childcare).” If you would like only my “FP3 Food Coaching System” without the extra benefits of year-long personalized Coaching, then this is for you!

Note: FP3 Food Coaching System-consists of 3(1 hr) Appointments(In-Home or Virtual)- “No Regular Check-ups included.”

Gabe's FP3 Food Coaching System


   In-Home “Holistic Healing” $500 VALUE!!! 40% OFF Regular Price!

  • In-Home Holistic Healing is a 1 time service where you invite me into your home and I “show” you and your loved ones, whom you live with, key tips, strategies, & skills to “Remain” healthy and rid your kitchen, body, and home free of  environmental “toxins” through “Hygiene Household products,” kitchen utensils, and specific foods, Medicinal Meals to correct various chronic health conditions.

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In-Home Holistic Healing


  • Hand/Body lotion- Hand Cream products, Liquid hand soaps
    • Shampoo/Conditioner, Pomades, Bar Soaps & Body Wash
    • Hygiene products: Toothpaste, Deodorant, & Mouthwash
    • Toxin-Free Household Cleaners, Laundry/dish-washing detergents, liquid dish soaps,
    • Economical cleaning products, cookware
    • Food Pantry Clean-out, Food Prep/Storage tips!