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  • – “No Monthly Payments”
  • – Gain Access to All “Grocery,” “Culinary,” & “Functional Medicine Nutrition” Documents(PDF/PPT)
  • – Insider Insight to Resolving Gastrointestinal(Digestive) Symptoms(4R method)
  • – Top 5 “Strategic Supplements” to shift Stress Response & “Re-balance Hormones”
  • – Most Missed Lab Tests by your “Primary Care Physician” categorized by Body Systems(Most Common Chronic Conditions” document)
  • – Solutions to “Fat Loss” your Fitness Trainer has Forgotten! Hint: It’s Not “Exercise More, Eat Less” 
  • – Top 5 Heart Healthy Oils to Cook/Fry with reducing risk of Heart Attack(CVD)
  • – My 5 Favorite Herbal Teas to Calm Your Nerves
  • – Self created “Botanical Medicine” Blueprint(Medicinal Herbs for various Chronic Health Conditions)

Full Upfront 12 Mo Health Coaching (10% OFF)

“Family Healing Bundle”

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible for an entire Family to get on board with “Healthy Habits” that are sustainable while fitting each individual’s “uniqueness” that support You being your very best which then creates an Atmosphere of Harmony in your Home?


Since it’s extremely Rare to have everyone on the same page, pulling in the same direction as a FAMILY UNIT, I’ve made it my priority to show families how this peaceful home environment is possible. 

Just Imagine what would happen if Families took Tenacious Action Together towards Health Enhancing Behaviors Everyday All Around Our Nation that model the Stand we take to get focused on “Serving Others” instead of “What’s in it for me mentality” which sets a standard for how a cohesive, cooperative family is built!

I think we can agree that having happiness in our home is priceless! If you’re ready to experience that in your home, I highly encourage you to schedule your “Family Healing Bundle” Consultation by clicking the button below!

(30 % Regular Price) Family HEALING Bundle: “In-Home” 3-in-1 Customized “Functional Med Health Coaching”(3+ People)

Nutritional Consultation

Family Healing Bundle

“Significant Other Simultaneous Sign-up”

I also would like to encourage Couples who live and do life together to take Action towards “Building Health” together since research shows “Social Support” is an absolutely Crucial Piece of the Behavior Change Pie!

There’s nothing quite like accentuating the very best part of your life partner’s personality while “investing” in a long healthy life shared together, side by side, til “Death do you part,” don’t you think?  

Significant Other’ Simultaneous Signup 10% OFF Regular Price!, or “Family Healing Bundle”
(10% OFF Reg Price) Significant Other’ Simultaneous Signup (Functional Med Health Coaching) 

Nutritional Consultation

Significant Other' Simultaneous Signup

        If you’re ready to make a decision to  “Get Fit with Gabe” & “Elevate Your Wellness” then click “Subscribe” next to the “Dynamic Discount” which fits your area of greatest need and contact me by “Phone/Skype” or “Email” to “Schedule” your Consultation(fits All of your family’s calendars) which I provide for individuals(1-on-1), Couples(Significant Other Simultaneous Signup), & “Group Coaching” for Families(“Family Healing Bundle)” starting today! 

I accept all major cards for payment via in-person PayPal swipe in addition to Online Payments via “Pay-Pal.”

Please feel free to email me at the email listed below if any questions, comments, or concerns come up about any of my Programs that are Building Health & Creating Community, 1 Family at a time.

Note: Please Provide me with 48 hrs Advance Notice on ALL Appointment Cancellations or re-schedules due to High Volume Peak Periods in addition to the nature of my Detailed, Customized Services I provide to each and every person whom I serve in the Community. I am continuously involved in Advancing Scientific Research in areas of “Functional Medicine, Sociological, Psychological, and Emotional disciplines surround “Brain-Behavior” latest Discoveries!”


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM CPT Certified)
  • Precision Nutrition (Sport/Exercise) Nutrition Certified
  • TRX Suspension Training Group Certified
  • B.S. Health and Wellness(Magna Cum Laude)- Kaplan  University
  • M.S. Clinical “Functional Medicine” Nutrition-University of Bridgeport + “Clinical Practice” Experience       
  • EC-12 Health/Physical Education TEA Teacher Certified
  • Gabriel J. Wigington
  • Food Scientist, Nutritionist(Functional Medicine + Sport Expertise), Exercise Coach, & Fat-Loss Expert 
  • Office: (214) 282-0812
    Business Email:  Gabe@ElevatedWellness.biz



Disclaimer: I am a Certified Personal Trainer (C.P.T.) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition (P.N.) Certified Nutrition Coach, & Fat-Loss Expert with background in “Functional Medicine” Clinical Nutrition but am not a Licensed Physician or Medical Provider.

Any information I offer on my website or blog at Elevated Wellness.biz should not be misconstrued as Medical advice. 

I do not diagnose, prescribe, or give medical treatment instead I coach behaviors, develop skills, and assess/address my client’s greatest “complex health concerns” by building health back “from scratch” 1 Puzzle Piece at a time, just like my “custom-designed” “Medicinal Meal Menu!”