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Gabe’s “ABCD” “BRILLIANT BRAINS” Functional Medicine “holistic” Learning Disabilities Program

“Building Brilliant Brains,” while Making Learning Fun Again,

1 Struggling Student, 1 Puzzle Piece at a Time.”



My self-designed “ABCD”(Academic, Behavioral, Cognitive, Developmental) BRILLIANT BRAINS Program is in line with my “Reverse Disease” by “Building Health” big picture philosophy you won’t ever see inside a “Classroom, Gym, or Clinic.”

By focusing on “Building Health”(Big picture) in line with my “Worlds of Wellness” Vision for creating “Cohesive Communities” as a whole, I bring all my skills as a “Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Health Coach, Educator/Academic Tutor, Food Scientist, & Fat-Loss Expert” + 15 years Expertise in the following health science disciplines:

  • Medicinal MENUS(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Shake, Snack, Dessert- 7 days to “jump-start” you/your student): *** MS “Clinical “Functional Medicine” Nutrition(+ hands-on Clinical Practice Expertise)- University of Bridgeport(#1 Functional Medicine program nationwide!) 
  • Sport/Exercise Nutrition(Precision Nutrition Certified)- cater to “Adolescent Athlete” custom fit Nutritional needs based on Exercise levels. 
  • Brain Behavior(Puzzles & Games- specific Brain region/Skill development translates to 4 Major Core Subjects: supports Academic Skills in Classroom
  • ***Reading(Dyslexia)
  • Writing(Dysgraphia)
  • Math(Dyscalculia)
  • Science- Inquiry-Processing Disorders)
  • Mind-Body/Stress/Psychological/Social/Emotional Wellness Sciences(evidence-based) addressed by the following behavioral “daily practices”
  • “Creative Arts(Artistic Activities): 

*** Ex: Aesthetic Art, Delicate Dance, Creative Comics, Curious Cartoons, Purposeful Poetry Rhymes, Mind-Calming/Motivating Music, Innovative Ideas(writing), Timeless Theatre, Vivid Visualization


  •  Crucial Conversations Counsel(Annihilate Anxiety, Demolish Depression, Fend off Ferocious Fear, Overcome Loss of Loved one)
  • Courageous Love Acts(C.L.A.): Pay it Forward(Self-less)
  • Motor Development(NASM CPT)- “low impact”(Neuromuscular “Home” Exercises)- restore the “Nervous System” functions:

3 Exercise emphasis areas/Movement Skills to develop:

  • *** Postural Alignment, Musculoskeletal Strength, Neuromuscular Efficiency
  • *** “Neuro-muscular” functional exercises performed in a “strategic” order by someone trained in “exercise science + motor development” significantly improves Learning Disabilities in students based on clinical research in “up-to-date” reputable journals
  • Change Psychology- “Smart” (what matters most) method to cut down learning curve(1 New Evidence-based “Daily Practice” each session)
  • Academic Learning Skills- Skill Development essential to Major “Core Subjects”(Reading/Writing, Language Arts, Math, Science…) 

 I do this by solving your child’s most important health/learning challenge(what matters most methodology), “children/students” who have a Diagnosed Learning Disability greatly benefit from my methods I’ve holistically pieced together, just like a puzzle, which I call “ABCD”  since the remarkable results students experience are “Academic, Behavioral, Cognitive, & Developmental” In/Out of the Classroom.”  


I serve Families in the following surrounding local areas here in my neighborhood community of North Dallas, TX: If you’re in an area not listed, please give me a call(Office: 214) 282-0812) to see if I can serve your family’s needs. 


  • -Frisco
  • -Prosper
  • -Plano
  • -Mckinney
  • -Colony
  • -Allen
  • Celina

-Occasional(Little Elm, Richardson, North Dallas, Lewisville)Let me know if I can be of help in any way to your child’s “Academic Learning Development” & “Behavioral Health” as these 2 are directly tied together, just like your child’s shoelaces!


Remember, I’m just a Phone Call away. Remember the good Ol’ days, when everything you needed was right in your neighborhood & you could rely on people you TRUST to meet all your Family’s needs?


I’d like to think I’m playing my small part in bringing that “Old School” neighborhood TRUST back. 


  • Isn’t it time your child gets “On their way to an “A” while “Making Learning Fun Again” + “Building Health” all at the same time?
  •   I look forward to showing you how this can happen while giving your child “Peace of Mind” at “School” & at “Home” since Home is where a Child should always feel secure. 

I’m Never “Too Busy” to help a Child Develop a Solid Foundation for future education,” a “Love for Learning that Lasts a Lifetime.”  & “Build Health” so your child avoids becoming 1 of the statistics which represents a National Health Crisis! 


Below is a “blueprint” of the primary principles I will be guiding your child in our time together:


  • -Academic Skill Development(Reading Comprehension- dyslexia/ short/long term memory + connecting ideas), writing(sensory motor- dysgraphia), Language/Verbal- speech Math(dyscalculia), Science(Observational)
  • -Learning Style Assessment(Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic…)
  • -Brain Exercises(Olympic Mental Fitness)- Games, Puzzles, Trivia…(Targeting specific Brain Region Strength/weakness areas post-assessment!) 

Note: Supports “Schoolwork” from Core Classes(Math, Science, Reading, Grammar/Language Arts): self-paced, 5 puzzles/games provided for student to complete for week. Significant Academic Performance improvements across the board from these games/puzzles!


  • -“Sensory-Motor” Medicinal Movements-(Neuromuscular “functional fitness” exercises)– I give each of my students access to my “You-tube Video” functional exercise library link(emailed “post-assessment”)
  • Note: Variety of exercises provided(Exercise Principles:
  • Functional Movement: I design custom template with a mix of the following movements:

*** Strength, Balance/yoga, rotation(Sport), (S.A.Q.) speed-agility-quickness, Core specific + dynamic warm-up, cool-down, dynamic stretching)


*** All of my “custom-designed” Exercise templates for my students are “low-impact,” “time-efficient,” “easy to do” in the comfort of your own home.


Goes hand-in-hand with supporting your child’s Academic Tutoring/Skills to Excel in the Classroom(Reading, Math, Science, Grammar/writing).


  • If you’d like to know the benefits of this Brilliant Brains program, outside of the classroom(social, psychological, emotional- less stress, relationships, family,…) feel free to Email me your questions and I’m happy to answer them. Email: (Gabe@ElevatedWellness.biz)
  • -Nutrition “Daily Practice” SKILL(1 New “Healthy Eating” Habit to Practice Daily-every 2 weeks)
  • 1 New Nutrition(Food Behavior-functional movement-Slowing Stress Lesson)- via email(this is how we’re “Building Health Back, from scratch, 1 Puzzle Piece at a time” for the Youth of our Nation)

If you’d like to know how I stand out from my competitors on “Healthy Eating” advice for struggling students in the world of “special needs,” read the details below. 


*** I show each “student/family” how to fit daily/weekly “Medicinal Meal Prep” around the following things which for most folks “Gets in the Way” of consistent Healthy Eating:


  • Occupational Obligations
  • Chaotic Circumstances
  • Stressful Situations
  • Crazy Calendars
  • School Schedules
  • Mandatory Meetings
  • -Medicinal Meals(Time Efficient, Cost-Effective, Emotionally Enjoyable)- Fit to “Clinical Health History” (Doctor’s Diagnosis if provided (“custom-design” Medicinal Meal MENUS) from inside “Gabe’s Healing Kitchen” 
  • Assess “Food Culture”
  • “Local Food Availability”
  • “Time constraints”
  • “Family Food Budget”
  • “Tastes, Flavors, & Aromas” naturally gravitate towards(Childhood Faves!)
  • Culinary Nutrition + “Emotional Eating Enjoyment” emphasis!        –“Culinary-Clinical connection”(#1 KEY MISSING in ~98% Fitness-Clinical Health Advice!) 

Are you tired of looking for answers to no avail? 


If yes, I’d love to help you solve your learning challenge while taking your health, body, & quality of life to a whole new level all at the same time. 


How I work is by scheduling a “15 minute phone appointment” by Email(Gabe@ElevatedWellness.biz). 


I look forward to the Honor to serve your family’s academic learning and health needs by bringing “Brilliant Brains” into your family’s home, since Home is where Family happens. 


Gabriel J. Wigington

Elevated Wellness

Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Health Educator, Academic Tutor, Food Scientist, & Fat-Loss Expert


*”Building Brilliant Brains” while “Making Learning Fun Again,”

“1 Struggling Student,” “1 Puzzle Piece at a Time”


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Gabe’s “ABCD” “BRILLIANT BRAINS” Functional Medicine “holistic” Learning Disabilities Program