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Finicky Fish, Formidable Flat-breads, Palate Pleasing Pasta’s, & Pan Pizza’s(Plentiful Platters Cookbook!)

Wild Orange Mackerel, peppery quinoa, radish-sprout medley & Jalapeno-almond stuffed green olives!

Skin Satisfying, Blood Benefiting Fish Dish

Sweet N’ Satisfying “Sardines over a bowl of Greens, red wine vinegar, served with sliced Clementine surrounded by crunchy Walnuts” chopped” oh so fine!”



1 cup green beans(rinsed)/(steamed), add 1/2 cup cauliflower for extra phytonutrient punch, red pepper flakes, dry herbs(oregano, basil, coriander, thyme), handful raw walnuts(chopped), 1 can Sardines(trader Joe’s), handful(1/2-1 cup) sliced clementine, drizzle red wine vinegar, drizzle basalmic vinegar, 1 tsp. Raw honey(Nature’s Nate/Costco).


Steam 1 cup green beans/cauliflower in hot water on stove, then place in medium salad bowl, open can of sardines and add on top of greens in bowl. In a small skillet, saute’ sliced clementine in coconut oil for 2-3 minutes until soft, warm. If frozen either thaw ahead of time or heat 1-2 extra minutes. Then, add clementines to bowl surrounding sardines, drizzle vinegars and touch of Raw honey for sweetness, and walnut pieces in circular fashion for plate presentation!  Now you have yourself a late night Sleep enhancing dinner/snack depending on your needs and food volume desired.

Read below about what types of foods contain a specific Omega-3 fatty acid “essential” to cognition, memory, & degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia!


“Cream Cheesy Coconut Cranberry-Hazelnut Quinoa” served with “Sour Apple, Carrot, & Pungent Sheep Cheese!”



1/2-1 cup red quinoa(cooked), 2 tsp. virgin coconut oil(cold pressed), handful(1/2 cup) whole cranberries(stock-up at Thanksgiving!), 2 oz. Pasture-raised cream cheese(organic valley brand), handful(1/4 cup) Raw Hazelnuts, 1 tsp. vanilla extract, pinch pumpkin pie spice, Celtic sea salt; In separate salad bowl, 1 cup carrots(steamed or baked in butter in advance), 2 small golden beets(diced thin/steamed), 1/2-1 stalk celery, sliced apple(granny smith), 1 oz. pungent Raw Roquefort Sheep cheese, 2 tsp. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (braggs).

Preparation: in large skillet, saute’ quinoa, thawed cranberries, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, cream cheese, & Celtic salt in coconut oil, then when warm, remove from heat and sprinkle chopped raw hazelnut pieces around the dish! For garnish/presentation, add 1-2 mint leaves to skillet at end(1-2 minutes) and incorporate into mixture, sprinkle pie spice/cinnamon lightly around dish.

Separately in salad bowl, steam carrots, diced golden beets, chopped celery, sliced apple in steam basket until nice N’ soft(test with fork) before removing from heat, then add to salad bowl with apple cider vinegar and pungent raw sheep cheese. Enjoy! This dish takes a little bit of time although worth it, so plan accordingly based on “Time Constraints.”

I have Strategically Selected numerous food strategies to address various client time and economic constraints long with Medicinal Meals for bedtime, late nights after work, physical activity, & body type specific considerations! I’m providing a solid foundation of meals for the public with my “Culinary Creations” as a way of life long-term for those in need of shifting “away” from processed “Standard American Diet” and move “towards” whole food the way nature wants to give it to us!

Stay tuned for Medicinal Meals for strict low carb eaters and Ketogenic nutritional needs for those with “chronic conditions” that warrant these nutritional recommendations. Note: If your doctor has not prescribed this, then do not “assume” you need a Ketogenic diet, as Evidence-based Clinical and Sports Nutrition Research both show it to be not “best” for most populations long-term.

Coconut Lime Shrimp, zucchini, & pear over chopped chard smothered in sweet cranberry cream sauce next to sweet golden Yam-browns!
Coconut Lime Shrimp, zucchini, & pear over chopped chard smothered in sweet cranberry cream sauce next to sweet golden Yam-browns!

Ingredients: Main Dish: 2 tsp. virgin coconut oil, handful(1/3 cup) diced zucchini, (1/3 cup) Bosc pear slices, (1 leaf chopped) Swiss chard, 3 oz. Wild Shrimp(mini), lime juice(10-15 drops), paprika, black pepper, garlic/onion powders).

Cranberry Cream Sauce: 1 cup rinsed whole cranberries, 1/4 cup coconut cream(Trader Joe’s), Raw Honey or Grade B Maple Syrup(1 tsp.), 2-3 slices pastured cream cheese(organic valley).

Sweet Yam-Browns(side dish): 1/2 cup cooked Yams(garnet or jewel), 1 whole egg(vital farms), 3 tbsp. coconut flour, pinch garlic/onion powders, Himalayan pink salt.


Main Dish-saute’ in coconut oil(pear, zucchini, chopped chard last) lime juice, & wild shrimp, spices until hot.

Cranberry Cream Sauce: heat cranberries, coconut cream, sweetener of choice, cream cheese, and salt and let merry on “low” setting for 2-4 minutes before smothering on top of shrimp mixture! Can you say “Deliciously Nutritious?”

Sweet Yam-Browns(side dish): whisk together in medium mixing bowl, cooked yams, egg, coconut flour, spices, and salt. Heat(very hot) cast-iron skillet with Kerry-gold’s butter(grass-fed) and cook yam-coconut flour mixture until nice N’ warm! Serve on the side on a small plate. Should be somewhat golden brown, slight crisp, sweetness!