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ADHD Learning Disability- “Functional Medicine” vantage point

When you were a child, was there a moment in time when you felt as if you’re not cut out for the classroom?

Did school & learning seem to come easy as a breeze for others while “Tough as a stubborn rusted, bent nail” for yourself?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) has become incredibly commonplace in ‘Conventional Classrooms” all around communities where we send off our kids for the day to learn, develop cognitive comprehension skills, along with the ability to reason, adapt to change in their surroundings(environment), & also develop “social skills” that hopefully translate beyond the classroom since they were developed at an “early age” as intended.

As a “Functional Medicine Nutritionist” with 15 years Health Education backgrounds(including “NASM CPT, Precision Nutrition(Sport/Exercise Nutrition), Mind-Body(Stress-Psych-Social-Emotional Behavioral Sciences, & Clinical “Functional Medicine” Nutrition-#1 program Nationwide!),

I feel it’s my civic duty to inform as many Parents, Teachers, & Counselors(Child, Clinical, School) as possible through my “Educational blogs, audio podcasts, documents, community talks, holistic health + “Functional Medicine” Clinical resources, & upcoming books(Trapped in a World of Pain you’re unable to ESCAPE from) in the works, in which conditions like Autism and ADHD relate to Academic Learning in the classroom also have many other components(Behavior, Cognition, Development) that while seemingly complex beyond what most can comprehend, have underlying problems traced back to a foundation of human habits and behaviors that are entirely correctable!

In fact, when we take a deeper look at the 3 primary disciplines of human health we all learn in school(Biology, Physiology, Biochemistry), it’s not so hard to gain a full understanding of how we arrive at Disease & can find our way back to Health.

Interesting, wouldn’t you say considering the constant collage of chaotic confusion on the Information Overload Internet highway?

Of course, do you think parents and educators are told this? No. They’re not.

Just Imagine if All Parents realized that their precious child could correct this complex condition through natural means without resorting to harmful DRUGS & Difficult to follow “Treatment” regimens from a Doctor and prevent future complications + EXPENSES that are completely unnecessary while saving their $$$ for things like Educational books, CD’s, utensils, & resources to support their learning process & growth as a developing individual full of extraordinary potential?

Add to the ADHD picture, that it’s in a way a Gateway Condition that is shown to lead to more severe Autism Spectrum Conditions(Aspergers…) See how imperative it is to make “Connections” among Doctors Diagnoses & see the “common links” as I show each Family whom I serve?

I find it incredibly and sadly Rare which is precisely why I chose to embark upon a crazy long Academic journey which took 1 1/2 decades so I could dive into the “deeper” details to complete an Unprecedented VISION of “Bridging the Worlds of Wellness” and tangibly “connect the dots” of human health in the form of my “ABCD” Functional Academic Counseling that you can’t get anyone else!

Why you may ask?

Simple. It doesn’t exist.

Even 1 local company who I admire as they provide phenomenal results for a similar demographic of kids(students), does not implement their program with the same methods and vantage point of myself since I’ve gone about mapping things out a bit differently than just about anyone else from a much Bigger Vantage Point to address our National/Global Epidemic(Hint: Most Practitioners are trying to Solve every Isolated Disease instead of taking a step back looking at the FULL PICTURE you can’t see when you’re up to close knee deep in “Medical Research.” Research has a time & place but is incapable of Solving a National/Global Crisis solo.


At least more professionals are coming around to an emphasis focusing on tying “Academic Learning- Behavioral Health-Stress Science-Clinical Nutrition.”

I hope you are starting to see and will share with fellow parents/teachers you have conversation with each week, that a comprehensive approach is absolutely necessary and having holistic minded professionals rooted in “Functional Medicine + Behavior” mindset is paramount if we’re going to see a “major shift” in these Autistic Neuro-developmental Disorders of the child’s Brain which starts very early I must say!

Did you know that nearly 1/3(28%) of pediatric population receives an ADHD Diagnosis at some point?

How about that if left “unaddressed” in early childhood, leads to 66% of cases in Adulthood along with being a $52 BILLION Annual Cost in America! I’d say that’s significant and worth devising a solution. What do you think?

Now that we have a better grasp on the magnitude of ADHD and why we absolutely MUST put a STOP to it’s Brain Degenerating Effects, let’s take a quick look at a few of the common occurrences seen repeatedly in ADHD sufferers.

Common Symptoms: Muscular Spasms, Audio(sound) sensitivity, hyperkeratosis, asthma, headache, hives, allergies, atopic dermatitis(ask me about my Clinical Case I wrote up on this-7 Meds for 7 year old!), GERD, IBS, nausea, anxiety, & last but not least Insomnia).  How’s that for a laundry list of problems that I should point out the significance here how nearly every “body system” is impacted(scattered symptoms). Think about what you think this means?

Medications: Do any of these crazy names sounds familiar? – Zyrtec, levalbuterol(Xopenex), Albuterol, cimetidine(Tagamet), acetaminophen, or Ibuprofen?

Key Point on Meds: Allopathic Doctors seem to abide their Medical practice by a philosophy that states the following in general language: “If 1 Prescription(Drug) in my Bag of Tricks doesn’t cut it, I’ll just throw more of what’s left in my Bag at the problem and it will automatically get better!”

Whoops! My Bag of Tricks is empty, Not sure where to turn to next? – Out of ideas based on what I was taught… Oh well. No big deal, right?  Could you “Imagine” this in a Comic Book for Kids underneath the umbrella of “Creative Comics” & “Curious Cartoons?” I hope so. Funny, right? 

I’m just getting warmed up for my exciting future Comic Strip/Cartoon where I’ll be collaborating with Top Brilliant “Cartoonists/Artists/Painters” to creatively Paint a Vivid Picture for how we do “Health” & “Medicine” in America! Your kids won’t be the only ones who get a Kick out of this Cartoon! Move over Charlie Brown… Just kidding. Charles Schultz is Genius!

There’s even a specific “Brain Region” that I’m able to pinpoint for my Struggling Students(ADHD) with a key aspect of my self-created “Functional Therapeutic Plan” with my “Brain Games/Puzzles/Trivia” that I provide in my (1-on-1) A.B.C.D. program.

To show you an example of what’s common as results when a patient works side-by-side “consistently” for long-term duration with a “Functional Medicine” trained professional, at the 6 month follow-up, here is what a certain student’s mother observed in her child’s improvement:

  • -Teachers saying “He is a different kid” from the boy he was in first 1/2 of school year

-Fewer Nurse Office Visits(Nurse hardly sees him anymore(not in months) vs. several times per week)

  • Social Skills said to be “Age appropriate” w/o any behavioral problems(according to School Psychologist)
  • – Student taking “Ownership” of his New “dietary decisions” shrugging it off when called names by fellow classmates due to “Soda Beverage Avoidance.” 

Dysgraphia handwriting ADHD photo

As you can clearly see, the (Left Photo) shows the Student’s Handwriting pre-Functional Medicine/Behavioral Treatment” & (Right Photo) is post-Treatment.

Nutrition matters!

Of course, Nutrition only addresses 1 Piece of this ADHD Puzzle with more Pieces that need to be put in its proper place(remember my Jigsaw Puzzle metaphor for “Building Health?”) 


Clinicians/Researchers haven’t always considered ADHD to be classified as a “Neuro-Developmental” Disorder however as with many conditions we’ve learned some things over the years that enable targeted areas of the human/child brain to be looked at further and pinpoint these key areas from Clinical findings that pair well in conjunction with Research. So you see, research does have its place, while I would like to show families how to “make sense” of it in addition to be keenly alert to “dime a dozen” Supplement Salesmen(especially online fitness/Bodybuilding sites-this is where your Adolescent Male is looking for advice!)

In plain english, too many fitness marketers are “twisting” Studies that may have scientific validity to support the “Supplement” they want to market for profit! -watch out for “Natural” supplements, yes even HERBS because Not All Herbs are fair game for anything!

Note: Herbal Tinctures(High Dosage) can cause Major HARM– Must be catered to specific “Health Status”- always run supplements/herbs taken by your Primary Care Physician. 

The Clinical ADHD Study below states that “relatives in families”(family based testing method) shows a greater liklihood of incidence in (ASD) Autism Spectrum & ADHD Disorders(19% vs Control group tested(7%) with Genetic & Environmental factors at play. 

This reveals the great need going forward for my “Family Healing Bundle” service I created just for Families as I care greatly about doing the hard work that I don’t see being done hardly anywhere(fitness gyms usually focus on Weight Loss/Muscle Gain/Athletic Performance..., Clinical Practice-focus on Elaborate “Treatments”(Supplement primary focus), Dieticians(focus is Disease Management-processed food served/advised in most Clinical food service Facilities!)

See why I’m so confident these problems aren’t being Solved?  

Click here for if you’re ready to get started on a “Solution” today!

Gabe’s “ABCD” “Building BRILLIANT BRAINS” Functional Medicine “holistic” Learning Disabilities Program

1. Studies in “Integrative & Functional Medicine.” Behavioral and Neurodevelopmental Conditions. ADHD. pgs. 70-81.

 2018 Sep 28. doi: 10.1007/s00787-018-1206-0. [Epub ahead of print]

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