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“Buckets of Pills”

If I were to ask you “How many PILLS” do you take everyday, what # would you come up with? 3, 4, 6, or 20?

If I were to ask you to provide me a list of the “Supplements” + “Medications” that you take each day, how long would it take for you to write out that list? 30 seconds, a minute, 5 minutes, an hour perhaps…

How about your Grandparents(today vs. in 1920, 1950, 1980…)? Have you ever peeked inside their medicine cabinet? What did you see? Is it FULL or barren(empty)?

The reason I pose those thought provoking questions to you is because we live in a world that looks drastically different than even the one I recall from my memory growing up in as a kid with an industry named “SUPPLEMENTS” that most of us(especially younger generations-children, teens, 20’s) never take the time to mull over in their mind just how “MASSIVE” this New industry has become and how in the WORLD did it get so BIG? Where does “Government” fit into this Supplement Sales picture, if at all?

I’m a critical, inquisitive, curious kind of guy who always likes to add a “touch of creativity” & a “dose of logic” to the wellness table(as I like to say) as a Health Professional(Functional Medicine Nutritionist/Health Coach), since Strategies are sorely needed in our modern day to solve severe problems for us all in human health in order for us to simply live in a more Cohesive way that not only coincides with the foundation principles that “Build Health” on the inside(What Doctors Look at) while also considers the subtleties that can quite easily slip underneath our mental radar in how we “connect” & “comprehend” moment to moment “socially, psychologically, & emotionally” as the daily moments, activities, and events of day-to-day routines pass us by(in the blink of an ever escaping eye!)- I’m a Poet, what can I say.

Are you following me so far?

Where I want to go with this is for us all to reflect back and gain a solid understanding of a few simple thought paradigms related to the “Big Picture” of American Health in the effort to turn the tide, “Reverse Disease” by “Building Health,” for a nation of people whom are being dealt out “Disease Diagnoses” like a Deck of Playing Cards by the BILLIONS in the form of “Chronic Conditions.” 

Are “We the People” like the JOKER being PLAYED by the DEALER(Government GREED) in a way?

(E.Q.D.) Elevated Question of Day: Did you know that the majority of “Chronic Conditions”(Disease Diagnoses) share similar “common links” traced back to a select few categories(primary root causes)?

Trivia: Can you Guess the #1 common factor that shows up time and again in nearly every Diagnosis at Doctors Offices Daily regardless of the Condition that has become pervasive as an accepted societal NORM?

Hint: When Working alongside “Blue Collar” Workers in my 15 years serving the public in “Food Service Industry”(Restaurant, Grocery) not a day went by without hearing this short 2-word phrase come out of coworkers mouths.

– Message me below for the answer to see if you get it right!  I Love Puzzles, Games, N’ Trivia, don’t you?

That’s why I’m using these types of “Brain Stimulating” activities to Solve Problems(Learning Disabilities) for “Struggling Students” in my brand New ABCD “Functional Academic Counseling” Program that brings together the beautiful mixed pot of my “Change Psychology, Mind-Body, & Functional Medicine Clinical Nutrition” Expertise + Motor Development + Brain- Behavior Science” disciplines since literally nobody is solving these enormous problems among the industries of “Education,” “Clinical Health,” & Never-ending “Clinical Research” where (Smart, intelligent, capable of learning Students) are being passed around from “Therapy to Therapy,” “Program to Program,” “Classroom to Classroom,”(often times 4,5, & 6 therapists, practitioners, counselors…).

This takes place all over the map whenever a young student shows any signs of (sub-par learning outcomes) as if this is the only way) while they’re DRUGGED with “BUCKETS of PILLS!”  Why are we “acting as if” Real Consequences Do Not Exist for Popping Pills like there’s No Tomorrow!

I’m determined to educate and let Good Intended Loving Parents(Multi-tasking Moms, Dedicated Dads) in on the TRUTH of what’s been happening for quite some time(Not New) as the Medical/Pharmaceutical Industries slowly Steal your child’s “Quality of Life” right out from underneath their shoes soles as they struggle to wander through the already wild winds of School Subjects & Peer Pressures throughout Early Childhood before lunging into the Heightened Hurdles of High School.  

Recently, I found myself attempting to reflect back and recall my Middle School times and what it “felt like” to be in their shoes. If you’re a parent with a child sent off to school, as a new year begins, with an overwhelming slate of class schedules, fearful faces, & unfamiliar places, I’d like to encourage you to take a “moment” this week and (mentally/emotionally/socially) place yourself in your child or your own shoes(if you had to do it over again at their age today, knowing what you know now).

It’s actually the “middle school” ages I hope to reach most as I remember what a volatile time as a young person this can truly be. I’ll just say without the support of a mentor, group of solid friends, or Loving Parent(s), it can be a daunting and demoralizing season.

So what school have to do with “Buckets of Pills” you may ask?

I’m glad you asked!

I could share with you my exact “ADHD Case Study” from my Clinical Practice Experience#1 Functional Med Program Nationwide) where a parent allowed their (7 yr old boy) to down (7 MEDICATIONS Daily) which I’m sure you don’t need further descriptive details nor “Clinical Evidence” to see what types of ongoing problems that could cause in your child’s BRAIN(if he was your kid) and the multifaceted ramifications that of course come along with its ingestion(Academic Performance, Behavior, Cognition, Development Delays, Social Struggles, Erratic Emotions, lack of confidence…). 

  1.  Since I consider it very valuable for us all as a society of people to gain an awareness and thorough understanding of “How we got here”(Healthcare crisis) & (Supplement Sales) before can we then navigate the waters of (“How we get back”) to basic Health, I’ve provided below an informative article from “Persistent Market Research” showing a blueprint and snapshot of Supplement Industry History, current/future Market Trends, Regulations, Geographic Regional Differences, & specific Supplement focal points going forward.

It’s worth pointing out that the past 10-15 years have seen an Exponential skyrocketing(Global increase $8 Billion-2012-’13) with primary regional growth(Asia-Pacific-Latin America growth-to 2020) in addition to specific focal point populations(Geriatric, Weight Management Products) are going to be receiving “Aggressive Growth” in the coming years like never before(Don’t Fall Victim to it!)

Question: Have the Million/Billions of “Weight-Loss” Products/Fat-burners worked thus far that have already been formulated from the past few decades?(Short Answer: NO).

Developing countries are always going to be getting their attention while “Developed” nations(U.S., Japan, U.K.) have noted “Aging” populations with supplement products targeting specifically the increase in greater likelihood of “Chronic Disease Diagnoses” in the future(already out of hand, will Multiply Exponentially if not addressed speedily).

Note that regulatory hurdles in area of the gaining steam “Nutrigenomics” & “medical diets/food” pose a challenge to the sales agendas of Clinical Supplement Markets(we need stricter regulation on Supplements/Natural products)-Note: “Natural Herbs” can be Deadly if improper DOSAGE for the record.

A few final noteworthy mentions that speak to “Global Supplement Regulations” from the article are as follows:

  1. China “raised stronger regulation process enforcement
  2. Mandatory registration required on “Natural Supplements” in Canada(since 2014)
  3. New regulations on Brazilian Products(#1 largest market in Latin America!)- huge population(Why is the U.S. not in this mix)? Did you know we allow “chemically health harming ingredients” into our food supply that European nations have banned? -hopefully awareness of this gets you “Fired UP!”
  • I find the list of specific Supplement product categories to be worth noting on area of future emphasis(prevalent population).
  • The global sports supplements market will exhibit a CAGR of 9.1% between 2014 and 2020, by which year it will stand at US$12,449 million. The sports supplements market was worth US$6,800.8 million in 2013.
  • The global fatty acids supplements market will reach an estimated value of US$4,477.8 million by 2020. This market was worth US$ 1,912.0 million as of 2013, and will register a 13.1% CAGR from 2014 through 2020.

In the Institute of Medicine Journal article titled “Dietary Supplements:” A Framework for Evaluating Safety: A few statements stood out most alarming to me. I’m curious if you feel the same way about the data below from the FDA. I’d love to read your thoughts and start a discussion below!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that more than 29,000 different dietary supplements are now available to consumers, and an average of 1,000 new products are introduced annually (Sarubin, 2000).

In 2002, sales of dietary supplements increased to an estimated $18.7 billion per year, with herbs/botanical supplements accounting for an estimated $4.3 billion in sales (NBJ’s Annual, 2003). Vitamin and mineral supplement use by the U.S. population has been a growing trend since the 1970s (Bender et al., 1992; Subar and Block, 1990), suggesting that Americans are becoming more receptive to alternatives to conventional food sources for nutritional health benefits (ADA, 2000).

-This is despite research-based dietary recommendations supporting the position that the best nutrition strategy for optimal health and reducing the risk of chronic disease is to obtain adequate nutrients from a wide variety of foods (Hunt, 1996; Hunt and Dwyer, 2001).

If you or a Loved One have a “Chronic Condition”(Disease Diagnosis) from your Doctor you have yet to receive a Solution for, feel free to contact email me(Gabe@ElevatedWellness.biz). I’d be happy to get you well on your way to the feeling like a kid again, in the prime of your Youth that we all deserve to have. It’s “Never Too Late” to take your “Inner Health, Body, & Quality of Life” to a whole new level & Shine like the Rising Star that you are!

Until next time,

Coach Gabe

Elevated Wellness

Functional Medicine Health Coach/Nutritionist


3.  Gabe’s Atopic Dermatitis/ADHD Clinical Case Interpretation: 

https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/ccde2315-461b-4fce-8fe8-364d68381931. Wigington, Gabriel J.

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