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Grocery Goliaths

Have you ever felt as if no matter how hard you try to eat well, there is a Giant stomping on your ability to afford the foods you know you need to thrive and not just survive?

If you’ve ever had the thought that there is something much bigger happening behind the scenes in the food system than what the general public is aware of keeping the masses in their current state of health they find themselves “trapped” in, then you’re right on the money my friend!

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the term Goliath is defined as having extremely large size, proportion, or power!

I have a very informative and eye opening document that I send to all of my “Nutrition” & “Health Coaching” clients that outlines some of the changes that have taken place spanning the last several decades going back to the 1950’s and specifically how just a few select companies now “monopolize” the entire grocery industry and represent over 1/2 of the dollars spent on groceries in America as recently as 2012(53.6%) with Walmart leading the way at nearly 30% alone!

Did you know that only 4 big chains control most of the products you see on your grocery aisles today? Can you guess which ones?

This massive wave of Big Box grocery chains began to take storm in 1990 through mergers and acquisitions with Kraft and Nestle as two prime examples of food companies which started out as small family owned in the beginning until buying out other companies in rising into the multinational powerhouses we see today!

Many of the products you love to this day have had the “quality” eroded as the decades have passed leading to the Obesity, type 2 Diabetes, & chronic health conditions we see rampant in our neighborhoods resulting in a considerably out of control healthcare-financial crisis we now have on our hands. If you’re like me, you want to do your part and be part of the change that needs to take place starting in our local communities, since that is where we are and where we can all do something to move things forward in a positive way, little by little, day by day.

The article below by Grace Communications Foundation highlights a few solid points such as Industrial Agriculture inefficiency, farm Subsidies, corporate market concentration, and supply and demand creating the food prices we see on our local shelves.

To sum up, the 1 thing we can all do beginning today to turn the tide in our favor in terms of sustainable, nutritious food that is cost-effective and health enhancing is to choose to support with your dollar small family farms, local farmers’ markets, Community Supported Agriculture(CSA’s), and Sustainably Pasture Raised Animal Foods on “Grass Farms” that not only provide the optimal nutrition you and I both need to improve inner health while also these sustainable “Animal raising Agricultural practices” create a healthier and more ecologically friendly, less toxic environment for us all!

After all, wouldn’t you feel a bit better about the well-being of your family and loved ones if you knew they were breathing in cleaner, less polluted air into their lungs with every breath they take in?


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