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What Does “Medicine” Mean to You?

When the topic of conversation comes up surrounding “medicine,” what kind of feeling or mood does it create inside of you?

I personally get rubbed the wrong way by how medicine is practiced in western countries such as America and after a decade of tenacious evidence based research covering mind-body, holistic, and functional medicine since I know that there’s a better or “wiser way” to reverse the disease processes for those who suffer greatly day to day!

Considering that disease statistics show a definite discrepancy between the U.S. and numerous other nations around the globe, it is “crystal clear” to me that the methods used here are a bit different and we must take a deeper look at our “lifestyle” or style of living life habitually otherwise we simply will not turn the tide that is Obesity, type 2 Diabetes, and chronic Degenerative Disease!

Now, if you’re like me, a long time ago you decided to become your own doctor as much as possible and become a lifelong learner when it comes to how food, strategic supplements, exercise, thoughts, words, emotions, stress, & sleep play a pivotal role in our ability to live well each day.

There is ,however, much to consider as I always tell my clients and readers that health is “dynamic,” complex, and always changing moment to moment along with putting us as people in need of different recommendations as we move into different life stages across our lifespan.

I hope you are beginning to see the seriously damaging effects that can begin to accumulate over time and build up into full blown Dis-Ease when live a lifestyle of repeated “eating out” with a diet of processed food, that according to my book and author David Kessler who wrote “The End of Overeating” that Americans are basically getting a diet of mostly sugar, salt, and fat(bad fats) with a bunch o

This comes into play big time in the elderly population and in adolescent growth(puberty)! Athletes have specific needs as well that greatly differ from most folks just trying to maintain “good” health, youthfulness, and vitality as we age gracefully God willing.

In fact, one of my professional goals that I began considering in the last year or so, is to collaborate with artists, painters, musicians(hip hop background), and cartoonists who can paint a vivid picture for today’s youth(adolescents, high school, college ages) of how medicine is done so that education takes place and future generations connect with “what’s changed” and begin taking action to create more cohesive communities” right where we are since change starts small and can eventually have a greater impact on our world.

I think the human body is a picture of that we can relate to with each individual system(digestive, immune, nervous…) containing cells, tissues, organs that each do a different “function” while the body and brain are like 1 big team that in an integrative fashion works together as 1 large unit for a common goal, to achieve balance, restore proper function, and have an infinite amount of internal processes be carried out as it’s designed to.

Through artistic endeavors I feel we the people can “unite” together and cause positive change along with media providing a platform for innovation, information, and ideas to be shared all without leaving the comfort of our home.

I’m drawn to arts these days that use creativity, imagery, and reduce stress in the mind and body and is part of my thought process when I decide which “Eustress activity” to advise for each client in my health coaching programs where the stress factor is carefully and calculatedly considered in a customized way, as we all may respond quite differently to various protocols since we have unique biochemistry, lifestyles such as occupational work load, physical stressors, exercise frequencies, intensities, and inner health statuses in the form of hormonal, muscular, and nervous system imbalances in addition to metabolic disturbances, which often times are a big reason why “fat-loss” becomes challenging, until we figure out what to “cut out” and what to “add in” to our lives, that when developed into a consistent habit has the potential to be health enhancing and transformational on many levels!

I’d like to use art, whether via drawings(cartoon) for kids, a painting like my favorite Jackson Pollack, or my “poetic rhymes” which have a hip-hop flair to connect with young people, to bring to light what we call “healthcare” and “how” it is systematically set in motion which ironically keeps us as a nation from “healing” and exacerbates(makes worse) the common chronic conditions or disease diagnoses that doctors look at with their primary prescription always being pharmaceutical drugs, mostly synthetic ingredients that humans were never meant to ingest since the body’s response to foreign objects such as chemicals, is to treat it like a “foreign invader” and go on “code red” alert to get rid of this enemy to your health! In addition, your body begins to coat with new FAT(adipose) tissue.

I hope you are beginning to see the seriously damaging effects that can begin to accumulate over time and build up into full blown Dis-Ease when live a lifestyle of repeated “eating out” with a diet of processed food, that according to my book and author David Kessler who wrote “The End of Overeating” that Americans are basically getting a diet of mostly sugar, salt, and fat(bad fats) with a bunch of chemicals, fillers, and unnatural additives that were never meant to be there in the first place, which are going to create an “Inner Health” environment that is not going to support any of us feeling like a million bucks.

“The End of Overeating” really is an awesome read and is one of my many resources I use to create documents and give “community talks” about clinical nutrition, food education, food behavior, mood, emotional intelligence, stress coping, and much more since behavior change and how food specifically relates to whether or not “stress” goes up or down, gets better or worse, moment to moment on the inside. This connects quite well to my coaching philosophy of “Healing Inside-Out, 1 Person, 1 Habit at a time.”

Dr. Kessler brilliantly points out the techniques and tricks restaurant and fast food industries are using and the “why behind chemicals” being put into our food supply! If this is a topic you’d like to come hear me speak about in further detail, I would welcome your honest feedback and comments below this article as I always consider feedback from those who follow my work when crafting my weekly blog articles, video content, and Culinary Creation “Medicinal Meals” which is my forte. I show people of all ages, cultures, & economic budgets the “how” of healthy food planning, purchase, and preparation(FP3) while teaching the uncanny skill and daily discipline I developed from years of practice, turning Whole Food into Medicinal Meals. How freeing would it feel if you literally knew how to REMAIN healthy, strong, N’ lean as a system for life with EASE,


Make a decision to be the very best YOU” that you can be everyday because you have something special to bring to the room, everywhere you go while cutting doctors visits, pharmacy trips, and $$$ draining dreadful drugs out of your life?

I know I said much about educating today’s youth although I am keenly aware that we have an enormous challenge in helping an aging population of “adults” & “older adults” cope with their even more complex challenges such as Heart Disease, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and the area of primary emphasis for me, neurological degenerative disorders that heavily impact “quality of life” since a healthy brain is essential as our command center for mental and emotional function. Is there someone dear to you in your own immediate family who currently has a personal relationship that is toxic or not going as well as they would like?

It’s quite possible they are suffering from an unhealthy brain which is where a Nutritionist, health coach, Exercise Coach, and Fat-Loss Expert with a background in mind-body and Clinical/Functional Medicine can really make a difference.

To sum up, from where I sit, young kids are on stimulants such as energy drinks(monster, red bull, coffee, supplement drinks) while adults(40+) are ceaselessly on a continuous cycle of damaging and brain altering drugs, those things you told your kids growing up to stay away from(remember!), that get in the way of your optimal brain-body function and allowing your self-healing capacity to be Ignited, in order to restore the Homeostatic balance that our body’s always trying to maintain.

That’s also 1 reason why muscle building and weight loss can be super slow sometimes since we try to increase or decrease food intake/volume too much, too soon and our body responds accordingly as if it’s a giant “red flag.”

Do me a favor and “share” this post with your friends, family, and coworkers I your inner circle of trust, and further the conversation about what “Medicine” means to you, since you are the one responsible for your inner health, body composition, and quality of life with the power to “take moments” to create awareness and decide when it’s time to “change” in an area that’s simply not adding value to your life including those around you.

Remember, your loved ones including those at your place of business, work, and school need you to be the “best


Imagine, for a second, what would it look like “in real time” if everywhere you go became a better, more enjoyable, fun place just because you’re there?

So ahead and do like I often tell the young kids whom I mentor, and add a dose of youthfulness” to your wellness table, everywhere you biomechanically step, since we need people who are daring and bold enough to let their light so shine and as my favorite leadership and speaking expert of all-time, John Maxwell, says to “make a difference with others who also want to make a difference! Through the vehicle that is, “Food Education,” “Clinical Nutrition,” & “Behavior Change,” we can begin touching lives in a positive way today!

Maybe we can’t be everything to everyone while what we can do is “choose joy” right where we are, look for ways to be a “solution generator,” & look for opportunities to meet the needs of people in a wide range of populations. In studying, relentlessly researching, and assessing “human behavior” over the past decade, I’ve noticed that food choice matters and creates “triggers” in the brain that affects “emotional responses” affecting real relationships and intimacy in families, romantic relations, in addition to professional environments.

I challenge you to consider the what the “Atmosphere” in your workplace is like day to day. Is there anything you can do about it? We all have something special to bring, know what I mean?

Stay tuned to my future upcoming posts of which I have many brainstormed while I advance my professional skills with my Masters in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport. A few of my future posts I’m excited to write are titled, “What’s Eating You,” “The Big 3,”Grocery Giants,” “Vision, “Perfect Peace,” “Jump-in’ 4 Joy,” “Terrifying Trust,” & “Ferocious Fear.”

Check out the article below from my Evidence-based clinical research focused on the “social” and “emotional enjoyment” aspects of food and Nutrition, revealing that adults are enjoying food significantly “less” while “Overeating” much more in terms of food volume! Is someone you know and Love is concerned about their perpetual pattern of overeating, I’m very good at addressing these concerns in my 1-on-1 coaching programs where we get to the “Root” and make food fun again!

Takes me back to my days at University of North Texas in my Sociology of Sport course where we took a deeper look at the health impact on societies on everything from gender ideologies, ethnicity, and economics in various cultural regions on the map. Interesting, isn’t it?

After all, we all have health limitations or as I like to call them, “Greatest limiting factors” to the health, body, and life we say we desire. That’s why I’m so passionate about bringing my coaching to the marketplace since as I phrased it in my “Living H2O” poem, “there’s a sweltering pot of need.”


Eating More; Enjoying Less


Coach, & Fat-Loss Expert

N.A.S.M. C.P.T. Certified

Precision Nutrition Certified

B.S. Health and Wellness Kaplan University-Magna Cum Laude

M.S. Clinical Nutrition/Functional Medicine-University of Bridgeport(currently enrolled)




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