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Do You RESPECT Your Food?

Have you ever wondered why some foods make you feel good while certain others seem to cause an array of undesirable symptoms or side effects after you finish eating?

If you’re anything like me, you are very inquisitive by nature and are constantly curious to discover the deeper meanings behind all things in life, especially those things which have a direct effect on how we ultimately live each day and how we feel in our bodies!

You know the old saying, “Curiosity killed the cat?”  Well if we’re speaking of a cat living in modern America here in the year 2015, it could be possible that a “toxic substance” or chemical killed the cat, couldn’t it?

After all, not to sound obsessed with food but shouldn’t we know quite a bit about something if that something has the “potential power” to heal or to harm us, moment to moment, day to day?  I say “YES” emphatically!

What I’ve come to realize over the past decade through my independent nutrition research, Biochemistry study, & relentless food experiments in my kitchen while getting in tune with the messages my own body is giving to me through symptoms is that food is powerful and if we don’t “RESPECT”  it, then we end up regretting it!

Often I hear discussions of young adolescents who don’t feel respected by another friend or family member.  I always say trust is volatile and is built up over an extended period of time.

In other words, respect is not instantaneously given because it’s based on the “trust” factor between two individuals.  The same volatile relationship exist between us and our food.

To respect someone or something to me means to take time to fully understand them and value what they bring to the table or what value this person or thing adds to your life right now.

First off, if we want to get respect from someone, then we must start by showing them respect first!

You see there is a Law set in place called “Law of sowing and reaping” and this law works every time and is not based on opinion.  It also works for good and for bad.

Whatever we sow we shall reap or in plain English terms, we receive back what we give, put energy to, or give life to.

There are lessons we can learn that make our lives a bit easier by paying attention to the right things such as taking a moment to listen deeply to others in our families and our professional lives, breed trust via Honor by doing what you say you’ll do, & take steps to learn about how to make food your medicine.

You may think why on earth am I connecting personal relationships with food since they are two separate things.  The reason is I’ve noticed through observing human behavior closely for the past 13 years that there’s a connection between our “food choice” and our behavior which affects our relationships with the people in our lives.

A double blind Clinical study at the NIH by the researchers at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism revealed that for 3 weeks 1/2 of the volunteers were given 2 grams of EPA/D.H.A. found in fish oil while the other 1/2 were given a placebo of fish flavored corn oil.

The results were that the omega-3 group had 1/3 reduction in anger with standard hostility and irritability measures!  Amazing huh?

So you see my friends, the food we eat each day whether placed in front of us or made homemade from scratch really does have the power to kill or heal.

Genetically engineered corn is a perfect example of what can happen when a food is chemically altered from its original state out in nature with neurological affects in the brain which take place in the form of poor memory, cognition, ability to focus at school or work, ADD, A.D.H.D., Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, & Depression which may be the biggest brain disease of all!

Depression can’t be cured with medications while strategic supplementation that optimize the efficacy of our entire nervous system with healthy neurotransmitter function, properly designed exercise to activate action potentials, & assessing and addressing our thoughts, words, & emotions through mind-body techniques such as cognitive restructuring otherwise known as “Re-framing.”

Depression is real and my heart goes out to anyone who seriously struggles with this chronic condition.  My best advice would be to avoid popping pills in the form of traditional pharmaceuticals and work with a “Nutritionist” or Naturo-pathic Doctor who understand brain physiology, brain psychology, & emotional intelligence who can target your needs.

I want to create awareness to the immense issue that is “emotional disorders” rooted in our food choice and largely stem from a chemical imbalance cause by ~90% of the American population being deficient in essential brain fats that support our mindset, mood, & relational well-being.

Everyday we all hear through television, internet, & social media outlets about nutrition being important for weight loss which is a $$$Billion industry by the way.

I could be wrong but I get the sense the public as a whole is oblivious to the detrimental impact being done to them everyday psychologically and emotionally that is slowly destroying the quality of “intimacy” in relationships leaving “cracks” in the foundation that eventually may result in an earthquake of epic proportions so to speak that is irreparable.

If you’re legitimately concerned about your child’s mental and emotional health, ability to learn in school, or excessive hyperactivity, I address these concerns in my health coaching programs.

So I will end by posing the question.  Do you “RESPECT” your food?

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