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Much more than Food N’ Fitness

Have you ever wondered why some folks struggle to get the health-body composition results they desire despite making consistent exercise and healthy eating a part of their lifestyle?

Come a little closer and I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Ready for it?  It’s because there’s so much more.  So much more to what you ask?  So much more than meets the eye to the big picture encompassing health, body, and life change.  These 3 are all integrated just like our bodily systems and therefore can’t be separated.

So when doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, nurses, chiropractors, and fitness trainers only ask probing questions related to one area of your health and neglect the “other stuff” there is going to be a great possibility that one or more things not addressed could be stagnating the progress you are trying to make.

One reason I’m aware of many of these “outside the box” areas is because my personal educational journey has been rather lengthy to say the least which has enabled me the opportunity to cover so many key areas that pertain to inner health determined by looking at a patient’s nutritional, hormonal, and metabolic profiles along with body fat measurements such as body fat mass, lean body mass(muscle mass), and body girths.

When I say outside the box I only am referencing the fact that these certain topics are simply not discussed in traditional medicine, media, or in popular health conversations along with the plethora of “internet” sources on the world wide web needs to begin in my opinion, excessive technology usage, interpersonal communication, art of listening, taking time for food preparation, insufficient time connected to nature, toxic chemicals in skincare products, thoughts, healing power of words, emotional intelligence, artistic beauty, classical and inspirational music, poetic rhyme, Laws of Prosperity, core values, movement, & culinary arts.

The other day I had a thought that has stuck with me ever since and it’s this:

If we obsessively eat clean food and intensely exercise while choosing “toxic” and pro-inflammatory thoughts/words and are “too busy” for real “intimacy” in relationship with those around us, then have we gained one cubit

All I can say is good luck finding some solid, concrete answers on that information runway because less is more when it comes to information and what matters most for you and the habits you need guidance in addressing may be completely opposite end of the spectrum from your next-door neighbor, spouse, grandmother, or child.

Why is this?  Well, for starters it’s due to being in different life stages of development otherwise known as our “lifespan.”

In other words, as we age and go through life, research shows we do experience some hormonal changes that impact our ability to function well as people each day and therefore require some assistance from a health or medical professional at times when these health concerns become significant enough to warrant a call for action!

One of my favorite leadership quotes from leadership expert, Keith Craft, is “When you let the wrongs things go, you let the wrong things grow!”

I love that because it’s so true and speaks to how our habits or what we do daily really does matter and what is so empowering to me personally is that when I notice something in my life that I am not happy with, I have the capability to “decide to change” whatever I am displeased with!  While not easy, change is always “doable.”

And you know what, no matter how many family members, friends, therapists, coaches, or counselors beat you over the head with what you do wrong or what you should change, the reality is that you are the only 1 who can decide when enough is enough.

Only you can put an end to what has been and then put your foot down and say, today everything changes for the better!”  If you don’t read anything else of this article, I want you to come away hearing that You have the POWER to Ignite change not just in yourself but in the people around you in your inner circle of trust.

See, my friend, you have a circle of influence whether you realize it or not with people who you come and interact with daily at home, at your place of work, business, school, church, or local hangouts.

If we’re going to cause healthy change in America or around the world eventually, then it must begin first in our local, smaller communities.  Would you agree?

As a critical outside the box thinker, thought leader, and holistic wellness professional who has been blessed with a strength in analytical skills and ability to “connect the dots” holistically, I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of hours over the past decade considering and pondering all of the things that may hold the public back in their pursuit of what they say they want to achieve.

I would walk through supplement shops and local grocers trying to connect the nutrients that latest “scientific research” says our brain and body need daily to thrive to the “whole food source” and then taking things to the kitchen where we learn how to prepare these foods in a way that enhances our well-being instead of diminishing it!

“Gabe’s Healing Kitchen” is what I call my food chemistry lab where I am constantly testing and experimenting with various food items and food combinations to determine how different foods and nutrients affect the human body while using myself as the guinea pig so I learn and assess what the end result or product is from my experiments.

My healing kitchen is where we get the “Root” of your greatest health need and “Ignite your Inner Capacity to self-heal Dis-ease!”

Notice the – between the prefixes dis- and ease in the word disease.  I strategically placed that there because dis or “dys” refers to abnormal, difficult, or impaired according to “Merriam-Websters dictionary.  So when we don’t address the right things we and let the wrong things go in our Food, exercise/movement, stress, sleep, spiritual growth, relationships… then we end up with “dysfunction” in some way, shape, or form.  Make sense?  Dysfunction means lack of function.

This is very important because I get the sense that as a whole the American people still do not grasp how they’re being lulled to sleep with a chronic pattern of fatigue, sleep deprivation, pharmaceutical drugs usage, malnutrition, sedentary, and reactionary way of living that breeds the product of these undesirable brain-body conditions.

When a symptom is short-lived it is referred to as “acute” in the medical world while when the symptom is prolonged and present consistently, then the term “chronic” is used to describe it.

We as a people must be cognizant that the alarmingly high rates of Obesity, overweight, autoimmune, & countless other chronic, life degenerating conditions are anything but normal and “Do Not occur” at these rates in other nations around the globe!

If you’re a reader and ever want an awesome read about four distinct cultures in various parts of the world who lived to be centenarians(100 years of age) I highly recommend picking up a copy of the book “Healthy at 100!”

In fact, our disease rates nearly mirror that of “malnourished” nations stricken by “poverty” while they may have a decent excuse since they quite frankly don’t have the financial means to afford food for the day leaving millions not just hungry but rather starving, wondering when and if their next meal will come!

The numbers speak clearly that America is the #1 nation in terms of the uncommon situation of “malnutrition with a plethora of resources available.”

How does this happen you may ask?

Two words.  Governmental greed.

I have an interesting book on the subject of “Food Politics” that dives into the political agendas surrounding “food marketing” way back in the 1980’s going forward.  I know what you’re thinking!  The 80’s was like another lifetime ago, right?  I think we can all agree that if we do not learn from our historic past, we will simply repeat its untimely errors in judgment.

I’ll be sharing more on this topic at a later date.

Then, in my “movement lab” I would practice designing different exercise regimens and manipulate various variables in order to learn more about how the science of “movement” is transferred into real time and how our human bodies respond accordingly.

Food and fitness are the main two areas related to our “health status” that would have the greatest direct correlation to the changes in how our body feels overall and the medical aspects that a doctor would keep track of to determine how “healthy” we are.

Or are they?

What if I told you that thousands of patients who follow exercise and nutritional guidelines still have at one point or another struggled to bust through their plateau and have experienced a stagnation in their health and body progress?

In addition, can we use numerical data and measurements as the yardstick to determine if an individual is living life to the full?

Could it be that there really is a whole can of topics, ideas, and concepts which play a much more pivotal role in who we are as people, what our deep-rooted belief systems consist of, & the quality of our personal and professional relationships that may potentially involve a larger chunk of our daily, weekly time clock in our life than structured exercise and mealtime.

Part of my goal here is to bring simple awareness to some of these things which make us human and light the spark that is “Introspective questioning’ meaning that we engage our minds in considering the deeper things that impact our ability to live well each day while of course placing our focus on “What matters most” to you!

Only you can determine that.

Don’t let others convince you that what you care deeply about does not matter.  You are “shaped” by your creator to bring something special to your neighborhood, school, workplace, and community in which you live.

I like to encourage young kids to take time to consider what their core values are because if we do not decide this, then someone or something else may decide it for us.

Unfortunately, life does not stop when we don’t have everything all together, in fact, at times it seems to want to run us over and leave us for dead.

Have you ever felt this way?

n as “Biofeedback.”At the day’s end, all the gurus can tell you what they think you should do for better health, but I would like to take a moment to encourage you to follow a different approach, and that is to value yourself enough to be your best each day, believe that you have a “uniqueness” to bring that the world sorely needs, & become your own doctor in the sense that you don’t just blindly follow advice with assumption that the end result will be for your benefit but to “listen to the messages” your brain and body are constantly “self-communicating” otherwise know

I am not saying to ignore your doctors recommendations while I am saying we would not have the current state of “healthcare and financial crises” in this country of America if we did not let the wrong things go and be in-tune with our current state of brain-body functioning!

Until we as a people realize that the healthcare and financial realms are directly connected and get a bit more serious about “food quality” consistently, then we simply will not see a reversal of Obesity, Diabetes, & Chronic Degenerative Dis-ease” that sadly needs to be Ignited like Wildfire! 

Have you ever considered what relationships would look like if we focused on being our best and refuse to have such “high expectations” of others?

One of my top “stress reduction” tips is to have lower expectations in others and raise them in yourself.  May sound weird but try it sometime!

Next time your spouse or sibling neglects to carry out a task you wanted them to do; instead of losing your cool about it, acknowledge they did not meet your expectations and by all means instill discipline especially at an early age, but I am saying “show mercy” and allow them to be “human.”  In other words, you can choose to “stress less” by not beating someone up every time they let you down.  I call this the “Mercy Quotient” which goes something like this:  Believe the best in others even when their worst is displayed.

These are concepts I use when working with clients in my “Health Coaching” and “EU-Stress Counseling” sessions which I do In-Home and via Skype.

The healthiest and happiest cultures around the globe from the beginning of time have been the ones who pursued growth daily challenging the way we think, be, and do life.

If we slow down long enough, we can notice subtle things that are ingrained into our way of living habitually, that would seem rather odd indeed to ancient cultures in early periods of our American history.  Don’t you think so?

Clearly, we as a people live at a rampant pace going from one thing to the next without much of a break to where life can become a mere blimp if we are not careful and do not pay “attention” to the little things that we used to cherish.

Have you ever been out to a restaurant and watched how rare it is for a family to pay attention to one another and have real conversation without being distracted by a technological gadget of some kind?

Maybe that is old school thinking, maybe it’s just the way things are.  Maybe I’m a bit crazy for bringing this idea up in the first place.

You tell me my friend.

This is about sparking the conversation and lighting a fire under us as a society who desperately is in need of “unity” and a “Revolution” to rise up against whatever holds us back and keeps us from the “Blessed Life” that we were designed to experience and live out daily enjoying the moments that take our breath away.

If you click on my “EU-Stress page” you’ll notice I have uploaded several resources that may help reduce stress and create a more relaxed state of being.

On this page, you’ll find a song titled “Rise” by Skillet which I decided to upload because it speaks to simply taking a stand for what is possible through simple, doable behavior change and deciding that we will stand boldly and courageous while moving forward towards our God-given destiny that is ours for the taking is we can believe.

Let me know which of my “EU-stress resources you enjoyed most.  I will be adding more audios, videos, sleep enhancing,, and classical music tunes as well in the weeks to come!

I also write a bit of “poetic rhyme” from time to time, which I fit under the umbrella that is “Eu-stress Counseling.”

It definitely puts me in a peaceful place so feel free to comment below if it does the same for you.  I am always open to feedback and will gladly write about a wellness topic, create a recipe I call “Culinary Creations”, or come up with a stress reduction resource of your liking.

My food chemistry background combined with my 13 years in the restaurant world, fat-loss nutrition, culinary, and functional medicine perspective enables me to create healing recipes that cater to various nutritional needs, body types, activity levels, and solve complex health concerns while still making food fun!

If you have a complex health issue you haven’t been able to find the solution to, just want to look a bit more fit for the holidays, need to get off medications for life, or simply just want to be armed with the “skills” to emotionally enjoy deliciously nutritious medicinal meals based upon your cultural, family, and personal preferences in a wide variety with no restriction while avoiding undesirable symptoms, then I’d be happy to work with you in addressing those concerns!

You can find my contact info at the bottom of my “homepage” if you’d like to setup an Initial Nutritional Consultation, Exercise Assessment, or Health Coaching, 3-in-1 program. 

In an upcoming post, I will be diving deeper into the “Power of Belief” and sharing some insight from several of my resources including clinical studies with case studies behind the physiological result in our body tied to belief revealing much about the “mind-body” connection at play 24/7.

To give you an idea of some of the areas I’d like to discuss going forward in our communities, which is where “change” starts?

In other words, we can miss the boat so to speak and forget what matters most when life is over by getting too focused on a goal without asking ourselves the question, “What are my reasons for wanting to obtain this goal?”

In my coaching sessions with my clients I always pose the question, What is the “deeper emotional root” behind your weight loss, stress, anxiety, depression, emotional eating, addiction to fitness, sleep deprivation, relational tension…..  You get the picture!

In my 13+ years of experience in the “Food Industry” serving the beautiful people of Dallas, I have often tried to share some “golden nuggets” with coworkers who seem frustrating when not compensated as they would like by a patron whom they just served by sharing a quote I read from a local leadership expert.

“The thing is never about the thing but everything is about everything.” 

This means that people behave in ways towards you that you don’t deserve and the “how’ of their behavior is not about you and always will have a “deeper root” behind its surface that we can’t see with our peripheral eye although when we get to know people and “uncover the layers” like an onion, only then can we reveal some of their past and begin to understand “why” behind their behavior.

When we get right down to it, most of our undesirable behaviors are rooted in “Fear” & “Anger.” 

Fear and Love is basically where it all begins.  Life’s fairly simple when you think of it that way.  Just not easy!

It’s been a pleasure to have this discussion with you.  I welcome any comments at the bottom of this page.

please share this article, “There’s so much more than food N’ fitness” with those in your inner circle whom you trust” so we can further the conversation, encourage self-awareness, & breed “change” that needs to happen beginning right where we are, in our communities.

We don’t have to wait until legislature changes to get on board with what we want them to do.  We get to be the change we want to see in the world!  Do you believe you have the power to make a difference?  Let me tell you.  You do.

Stay tuned to future blog posts on “The Big 3,” “VISION,” “What’s eating you,” and “Do you RESPECT your food?”

Until next time,

Think Belief.  Be Courageous.  Do Love. 

“Elevated Wellness”

Healing Inside-Out, 1 Person, 1 Habit at a Time

Everything Goes Up From Here! 

-Coach Gabe

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