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Hi there! Welcome to “Elevated Wellness.”

You may asking yourself what is Elevated Wellness about and what exactly do you “specialize” in?

It’s a coaching philosophy that I’ve developed over 15 + years while on my journey of Health Science Education, diving deep into numerous “Behavioral Health Science” Scholarly Disciplines and the countless Lessons I’ve learned, Skills I’ve developed, and Strategies I’ve selected which represent the Growth, CHANGE, and “Quality of Life” outcomes that are possible in our lives when we do habits daily with consistency, laser precision, and tenacity while pursuing growth in the “things which make us “human” or quite simply, “what we do daily,” since we really are more alike than different, or as some might say “holistic” wellness, which includes each of the following key areas of health:

  • Psychological
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Relational

My slogan “Everything goes up from here” simply means….

I strongly believe that every person possesses the capacity to experience life-changing transformation for the better and live a life filled with quality relationship, moments which matter most, & Love with a depth that “conquers all,” when we take brief “moments” to regularly assess & address each of these areas which make us human.

I’m a big believer in the power of what’s possible when we commit to being the best version of ourselves and make the changes necessary to live a life that is fulfilling on many life levels.

Change that “sticks” often happens slowly…

  1. So don’t beat yourself up
  2. Do yourself a huge favor and don’t compare your own journey to others

Why? ….

Because you’re uniquely shaped by the life experiences

You’ve encountered in life up to this point along with the spiritual gifts, heart, unique abilities, and personality which make you who you are.

As you get to know me better, it will become a bit more clear.

How I’m uniquely different from many of my health and wellness peers.

One thing that makes me unique right away is…

How I address “complex health concerns

Like a detective each day, with my detailed coaching programs, you’ll soon learn…

Which step courageously outside the wellness box with a slight turn, while challenging the way that we think, be, & do, about food, fitness, and stress management, too!

There’s so much more than food & fitness as I like to say…

My desire is to build authentic, long-lasting relationships with those who come my way…

Who are sick and tired of living less than their best…

By teaching a simple, doable system that makes it a bit easier to live full of youthful zest!

A wise speaker I heard once said, “Change happens at the speed of seed!”

So “go love” somebody and make their day and you might be surprised at what good comes your way.

I’m Coach Gabe and it’s my desire to Show You How to Self-Heal by “cutting out” detrimental health harming habits” that move us further away from the Health, body, & Life we desire by “adding in” simple, doable health enhancing behaviors that Fit seamlessly into the very Fabric of our lives that take our health to a Whole New Level while making us feel SUPER in our BODY and regain the Youthfulness we once enjoyed!

I “Show” people just like YOU exactly how to do make the changes that will leave you feeling like a kid again!

How does that sound?

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be feel like SUPERMAN everyday?

Ready to find out?

Primary Populations I serve: “Struggling Students”(A.B.C.D. Brain Behavior) -Academic Learning/Behavioral/Cognitive/Developmental Challenges) & “Adolescent Athletes”(Youth Sport Performance)

To all the parents out there, if you have a Child who’s a “Picky Eater” or an “Adolescent Athlete” who needs to learn the right way to fuel their body for their favorite SPORT, I work with these 2 Population Groups Primarily and will teach your child the SKILLS they need to develop in order to REMAIN Healthy on the Inside while enjoying Meal time and Performing at an optimum level athletically.

My Precision Nutrition & National Academy of Sports Medicine credentials are WORLD CLASS and my background in Functional Medicine is the game changer that enables me to see what 98% of Fitness, Holistic Health, Dietetic, & Clinical Professionals are unable to see. This is where you’ll start to see your child’s energy levels, mood, attention, and cognitive abilities suddenly switch nearly overnight in many cases.  Just IMAGINE if you didn’t have to work so hard to get your Son or Daughter to Pay Attention, settle down, or “Get their Homework Done!”  

If you’re tired of Struggling to Sift through Information Overload on Health, I specialize in turning “Complex Health Concepts” into “Easily Understood Ideas.” 

FYI, I provide something special for the BUSY Moms with school age kids(Elementary Grades) that combines my skill sets from both my businesses(On Your Way To An A) & (Elevated Wellness) I created “from scratch” where I “bridge” together the best of both Worlds(Health Coaching, Academic Tutoring) since I realized almost nobody is solving the problems that tie “Nutrition” & “Clinical Health” to Academic Learning in the Classroom(Academic Performance).

I discovered that these problems that are lacking solutions out in the World of Education which greatly concern most mothers I’ve worked with, are referred to as “Learning Disabilities” while in contrast are not really Disabilities but rather a result of our processed “Nutrient Depleted” Food Supply in America(going back to the 1950’s), significant increase in “Technology Time,” and Synthetic Drugs which are now being literally fed to your child like candy!!! 

To give you just a small glimpse of this Massive problem, I worked on an ADHD Case in my “Functional Medicine Clinic” and was alarmed at the 7 Medications that this 7 year old boy was Prescribed. Let’s just say it’s really happening in large numbers so I will do whatever it takes to spread the word to caring Mothers who feel helpless in correcting these very common “Child Developmental” chronic conditions that require a Team of Health/Education/Clinical Professionals typically to bring resolution to.

Please allow me to teach you a “simple, doable system” for “Eating, Moving Well, and Coping with Life Stress” so that you may “REMAIN” healthy, Strong, & Lean for Life with EASE and therefore, Live with Greater Youthfulness, Passion, and an inward Belief that all things, work together, for your good, no matter what!

If you’re ready to make a decision to “Get Fit with Gabe” & “Elevate your  Wellness,” click “Subscribe” or e a “Buy Now” under the “Programs” tab at the top of this page to schedule your 1-on-1 “28 Day Fast Fat Melting Furnace” or “Functional Med Health Coaching” Consultation personally with me to begin “Building your health back, from scratch,” beginning today!


I’m bringing my Health Coaching services to the “Community” serving local North Dallas Families near my Home in Frisco, Texas(10-15 mile radius) taking time to sit down with Families in their Home, since Home is where the Heart is, to support my VISION of “Cohesive Communities” which needs to happen in our world, starting right where we are, Our Local Communities!

I provide “In-Home” & “Distance”(phone, skype, facebook messenger) Health Coaching services.

Local Communities I serve:

* Frisco

* Plano




*North Dallas

Together, Let’s make “Food & Fitness” Fun again, shall we!

Phone: Call Coach Gabe


Disclaimer: I am a Certified Personal Trainer (C.P.T.) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition (P.N.) Certified Coach, Expertise in change psychology, Mind-Body, and Clinical Nutrition/Functional Medicine but am not a Licensed Physician or Medical Provider.

Any information I offer on my website or blog at Elevated should not be misconstrued as Medical advice.

I do not diagnose, prescribe, or give medical treatment.  I do assess, address, & advise behavioral, lifestyle, & “health building” change.

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