I have a ? Have you ever felt “TRAPPED” in a WORLD of PAIN that you couldn’t ESCAPE from?

Hi, I’m Gabriel.

If you’ve met with me, read or followed my ideas on health you may have a good idea of the “principles” in which I apply to advising those I serve in the community as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Health Educator, writer, & poet.

What you likely wouldn’t know about me is “Why” I embarked on such a long, tenacious journey investing the past 15 years of my life to the depths & complexities of health science education & the things that “make us human” since we really are “more alike” than we are different!”

I’d like to take a moment to share my STORY with you painting a picture of why I care so much about showing “Struggling Students” how to overcome Learning Challenges that “Doctors Diagnose” as “Disabilities” daily which I do in my ABCD program I designed myself that I bring to the Homes of Families in North Dallas near my Office in the fastest growing city in America, Frisco, Texas!

By the way, I just moved here in April and I really like it here. It’s a great area right in the middle of “Country & City living” that’s ideal for raising a family where my Vision of creating “Cohesive Communities” actually happens!

In the coming months, in my downtime away from solving problems for bright, talented, & innovative minds in addition to collaborating with “creatives” on my “Innovative Ideas” under the umbrella of Slowing Stress through “Creative Arts,” as a key stage in my Elevated Wellness Mission statement “Bridging the World of Wellness,” 1 Committed Community at a time; I’ll be writing in further depth the beginning of what will eventually be my book with the following title:

“Trapped in a World of PAIN you’re unable to ESCAPE from”

In this book, I will be sharing many of my personal life experiences I encountered & my “Chronic Nerve Pain” I struggled with while working alongside Blue Collar Workers in the “trenches” of the Restaurant(Food Service) Industry that came in the form of (physical, mental, & emotional) PAIN along with seeing the social and clinical health aspects to my situation to give a very holistic view of how “complex science” relates back to our own personal life STORY we can take a step back and look at day by day and see how the pieces of our own life in some way really do represent our own personal health “Jigsaw Puzzle.”

I’d love it if you take a “moment” to share your a situation when you felt TRAPPED(physical, mental, emotional PAIN), “Occupational Obligation” or “Stressful Situation” in the comments below since “shared struggles” have the power to bring us all together as united communities.

Without unity there is no community.

I look forward to connecting with you at local educational events if you’re in the North Dallas area. Feel free to ask me your questions on topics of “Food Behavior,” “Functional Movement,” & Slowing STRESS” which I take time to answer each question since I know what it feels like to be weighed down by the mental stress of a chronic condition & be Trapped in a World of Pain.

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